Hillary loaned herself another $6.4 million last month

What day precisely did she make that loan? I remember on April 23rd there was a huge deal about her having raised $ 10m and this indicating that she could actually keep up with Obama’s fundraising. So did she loan that money to her campaign on April 23rd?

I don’t think we can really say for sure (not enough information was provided). All we can reasonably assume is that the loan took place sometime between April 11th and now.

ETA: Make that “between April 11th and May 1.”

According to the Times:

In both of those cases money = good. She’s saying that even though having lots of money to spend on campaigning is a great boost, her opponent couldn’t beat her. In the same thread, she’s celebrating the contributions she’s received to her own campaign.

There’s nothing mutually exclusive about that. You’re setting up a false dilemma.

The “evidence” you used to support this theory was ridiculous. Hillary Clinton spent some of her own money on her own campaign. From this you deduce what her official budget would be? If we found out that Barack Obama bought a new car last year, would that mean he is going to have Congress buy every American a new car if he gets elected? If so, then we shouldn’t vote for the man - his plan will cost us trillions of dollars.

Would it be legal for the Obama campaign to transfer money to her campaign as an inducement to get her to quit?

It apparently is, as it’s been done before. Today’s Salon has a story comparing the Obama/Clinton race to 1994’s Virginia Senate race between Chuck Robb & Doug Wilder, in which the former paid off some of the latter’s campaign debts.

I heard on GMA this morning that not only did HRC loan her campaign more than 11 Million Dollars she also is has campaign debt that may exceed 20 Million or more.

Her Campaign communications Director Howard Wolfsen said that they are staying in it until everyone votes - when told that even if FL and MI were sat Clinton would still be in dire straights, his response was, “we;re favored to win West Virginia and Kentucky
Heh, not enough rolleyes for that one. :smiley:

Buying a car one can afford does not compare to squandering enough money to buy a private jet even while you’re in debt to people all over the country. Hillary is near the end of her rope. She has plundered all her personal assets. Any further money from her must come from her and Bill’s shared accounts, which has a cap, I believe, of $20 million or so. She did not buy a car; she hocked her whole house.

So she’s the plucky underdog and the charging favorite?

Eh, why not; it’s been working for the Republicans.

Letterman said she’s so hard up for money that she entered a wet pantsuit contest. Seriously, they’re wealthy enough that it wouldn’t be the end of the world if she had to write it off as a bad debt. It’s a lot of money, even for them, but they aren’t exactly in danger of losing their house over it. If she just puts the campaign on simmer and cuts down on expenses, all the while raising what she can, she might get most or all of it back.

Having Obama’s campaign pay off Hillary’s debts was openly speculated on during last night’s * TNHWJ Lehrer*. As you’ve shown, there is precedence and it would account for her determination to keep going with a lessening probability of success despite continuing to accrue substantial debt but I really don’t see what incentive the Obama camp would have to negotiate such a deal. $21M (her 11 plus 10 outstanding by the campaign) would be a heck of a nick going into the general.

I don’t see the article at the link provided. Was the Wilder campaign debt money that he loaned the campaign or was he personally liable for it?

What are the rules regarding monies in her general election kittie? I know they are walled off from being used in the primary, but once the Convention is held can they be used to pay down debts (including to herself)? Do they need to be returned? Held for another run? Can they be donated to another campaign?

How does this

square with this?

Does she have a hundred million dollars or is she spending her last six million? Marley23’s post said that Clinton’s income in 2007 was over eleven million dollars. With that kind of money coming in, spending six million is not an act of fiscal irresponsibility like you’re claiming.

Since Obama is ahead in everything (popular vote, superdelegates, etc.), what would be the reason for him to pay any of Hillary’s debts? I don’t understand it.