Holy Crap! Data Storage Using a SINGLE Photon!

I scanned the Physical Review Letters paper linked to in the link, and it certainly seems to me that the media contact has some misconceptions about what is occurring in the experiment. First off, each pulse may only be 1 photon, but the image was obtained by collecting many pulses for each pixel and scanning the detector over each individual pixel. So to say that the entire image is contained in one photon is a gross simplification, since you can’t possibly obtain the image from a single photon.
Second, they slowed down the pulses (which were 2 nanoseconds long) by 5 nanoseconds. So don’t think that you’ll be replacing any kind of permanent storage media anytime soon.

I think that they were going for hyperbole, as such publicity frequently does.

The Scientific American report is a lot clearer:

How Can a Single Photon Produce a Whole Image? Short Answer: It Can’t

Still, imagine the possibilities if these leads to a storage method for data where 1 bit = 1 photon. :cool:

Mmmm, photon porn…

Gives you a hadron just thinking about it.

Good for storing Great Debates (or porn with twins).

You owe me a new monitor.