Home Depot vs. Lowe's

I’ve started to goto Lowe’s more than HD as HD doesn’t have the type of screws I normally need. I do a lot of Motorcycle stuff and need Allen head bolts of which HD does not stock. Actually most automotive stores don’t either so I’m forced to goto Lowe’s. They always treat me good there though. actually I’ve had good sevice at both really.

home despot, cause they don’t bother to verify competitors prices when you call em’ on the low price guarentee. just waltz up to the cashier and boldly proclaim, “Lowes sells this for $X.00!”! they just beat the price on the spot by 10%. no hassle, no delay. i always get the best price on everything i buy. (and i swear i never lie about someone having a lower price, or god may smite me with garlic breath!) i did a rough estimate on my fence project and figured i saved about $1000 by doing this! i get the lowest price by phone, then go to the despot!

i pulled this at lowes and got the major time-fuck run-a-round (and i was tellin’ the truth, too!), so fuck Lowes.

they always seem to be about 1/2 mile apart anyway, so that is not much of a factor.