Homeowners insurance and "danger dogs"

That is stupid. My dog has pointy ears and they can just decide which breed of pointy eared dogs he is decended from–just by looking? :rolleyes: Gosh, even my vet and the good folks working at the shelter coudn’t manage that. Astounding skill.

Some breeds do have distinctive traits…chows, for example, have a blue tongue. And Ember’s tongue is a mottled blue.

Still…we got her at the pound…she could be 1/4 chow, for all we know.

I’d highly doubt there is such a test. There are so many breeds, and not much difference between them genetically - they’re all still the same species, after all. We can’t really reliably (to the best of my knowledge) do that for the “races” of humans, much less all the different breeds of dogs.

All that a blue mottled tongue and a Chow “look” would prove is that there’s some Chow in her background, and even then I’d think only the blue tongue would be the clincher. I grew up with a mixed-breed dog that was part Springer spaniel, part something else, but we got guesses from beagle to Cocker spaniel when it came to what the other part could be.

FWIW, I had a purebred greyhound with blue spots on his tongue, so sometimes you can’t tell by something like that, either.

If I were you, I’d go for an insurance company that bases its decision on the dog’s history and not on what breed it possibly might be. We have USAA, and that’s what they do (and when they asked if our dogs had ever bitten anyone, my husband burst out laughing. They took that as a ‘no’ - but of course in the right circumstances any dog can bite, so I’d prefer an insurance company that goes by the dog’s history and then if necessary will give you the option of excluding the dog from claims as opposed to outright cancelling the entire policy - that seems awfully extreme).

Yes, it is.

from http://www.canismajor.com/dog/laws1.html (bolding mine)

So what is next for lawmakers? Locking up people because they look like they might do something? Imprisoning people because their grandfathers were mean? (yes, straw men. Look at how pretty they are. Those are my father’s old work shirts that I have dressed them in. Festive, no? :slight_smile: ) And I am sooooo glad that it was my native Ohio that made that law. Once again, they have made me proud of their intellegence and reasoning skills. Gah.

And thank you Ferret Herder, I had a vague reollection of one article saying that it might be possible and another that said that genetic testing on dogs would probably be useful only to determine paternity. But I read about it a looong time ago.

When I worked at a vet’s office, we had a client who microchipped her dog later in life. Jordan was very likely a Chow mix (based on size, coat, etc.), but we were told specifically to list her as a “mixed breed” on everything due to their dumb-ass insurance agency. Very sucky, but not too uncommon these days.

Best of luck finding a new insurer.