Homeowner's insurance question: "Impact from a vehicle" definition?

Not meaning to be snarky, but …

Isn’t the bicycle a “vehicle”? If so, “… not including damage to the vehicle itself” may mean it is excluded from coverage.

The renter’s policy has a section of definitions and 'Vehicle" is most likely defined as “motorized”. Good point though.

Keep in mind you actually have like 4 moving parts to this claim - Damage to the Car, damage to the Bike Rack, damage to the Roof rack/crossbars, and Damage to the bicycle itself.
The car is clearly auto insurance, but the bike rack and/or roof rack might also be able to be covered by the auto insurance as custom parts and equipment, so see if you have coverage for that it in the first place (you may not, it is often is add-on, but some states or policies have a few thousand $ included by default).

Yup, exactly. Thank you for eloquently describing both thought processes. I’m not saying I should definitely win, but that there’s a chance b/c of the ambiguity, so it was worth a shot. The bike matters a lot to me. Worst case is that I just learn from the experience and find less ambiguous policies in the future, which is why I insisted on getting the policy language this time.

Hah, good point! In another part of the packet, they do specifically exclude motor vehicles. They don’t really define the terms used in the named perils section (as we see here). However, this particular insurance company does cover stolen bicycles, so one would presume they meant motorized vehicles, but I suppose it’s indeed another ambiguity in the language. Sheesh, you’d think insurance companies would be clearer :slight_smile:

Yep. Damage to the car was definitely covered. Bike rack and roof rack were another ambiguous situation, but since it was part of the auto claim, I didn’t pursue that any further. (They wanted to replace the entire hatch and roof, which would’ve cost thousands of dollars. I opted for a $15 bottle of touch-up paint. That was another complaint with my insurer… they were unwilling to pay for a repair and insisted on replacement with all new parts. That’s another story, though…)