Horoscopes and every new year again. So now in 2017 we can enjoy the benefits of Internet based horoscopes. I wonder if compared would those predictions actually win?

A good example page worth knowing is this one where you find more about astrology, ascendants, zodiacs and the lot.

Personally I have my doubt that a Star from so far far away has the power to influence my life in a way some people claim. Not even a full moon won’t let me stay awake. jajaja

It’s all bullshit, of course. Complete and utter bullshit.

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A full moon won’t NOT let you stay awake? I didn’t not un-know that.


Bah. Typical Scorpio.

Nah. There’s some redeemable humor value.

Wait… not.

Well played, sir.


In case this thread stays open:

Is astrology for real?

‘Yeah, yeah, yeah’ - The Beatles.

I’m a Scorpio, we dont believe in Astrology.


Because motion of astronomical bodies affect the tides, as well as reliance on vision, they affected the breeding habits of organisms from which we descended. Why are you so sure that all (absolutely ALL) vestigial awareness of astrological influence was lost through evolution to sentient beings?

Isn’t menstruation itself living and conspicuous proof of a retained astrological cycle?

The stars in the constellations of the zodiac have no influence on the tides.

Tides are a daily phenomenon, not monthly.

The affect of the moon on the oceans isn’t that big. It appears big, Sometimes spectacular, to us because the oceans are so much larger than us. A mother has a bigger gravitational influence on her baby than the moon.

ETA: No idea what to make of your bizarre comment on menstruation.

Meh. The moon does get bloated once a month and apparently retains some water, but it doesn’t get all bitchy about it.

I joke, ladies! I swear I was just kidding!!! Oh, God, I’m gonna die…

Oh, right. And a collection of stars - that aren’t anywhere near each other, and whose minuscule influence would take centuries to reach us - is supposed to influence the tides, and therefore us??? Puh-LEEEEZE!


One of my favorite “woah” simple science concepts: Any objects you see with the same angular diameter have the same tidal effect on you, assuming they have the same density.

The fault lies not in your stars, but in yourself.

Altho there is some possibility the tides on your birth date might have *some *influence, the location of the constellations 2000 years ago, could not possible have any meaning.

No. The mother may be a billion times closer, but the Moon weighs a trillion billion times as much.

Yes. Gravity varies as inverse distance squared, but tidal effect varies as inverse distance cubed.