Horror Movie Recommendations?

The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is never a bad pick.

Whee! 70s movies are my forte, but horror in general. So let me recommend some really good (hopefully you’ll think so) atmospheric ones that you might not have seen…

[li]The original Black Christmas is pretty creepy, with one of the coolest early “freeze frame” who dunnit shots there is.[/li][li]Not sure if you’d think this was too violent, but Last House on the Left is what Saw and Hostel wish they could’ve been if a real plot were used. The infamous scene (you’ll know it when you see it) is truly chilling.[/li][li]Burnt Offeringshad a twist back in the day that was pretty unexpected and a very delightful Oliver Reed.[/li][li]I liked the idea behind Communion / Alice, Sweet Alice), but the execution lacks a bit to be desired. Might be interesting enough to you to check out.[/li][li]There’s so many good things about The Mephisto Waltz, there too numerous too mention. My only drawback was the cheesy ending, but I can forgive any movie that used that Shatner mask on a dog… long before Halloween. [/li][li]The giallo Don’t Torture a Duckling. If you can handle strong horror themes involving children then this is a true gem.[/li][li]Same thing can be said for Who Can Kill a Child? / Island of the Damned. As a teenager, I was freaked out by Children of the Corn. I had no freakin’ idea man. :)[/li][li]Love, love, love Tourist Trap! Now you gotta get past Chuck Connors in the dual role, but the rest is a blueprint on the slasher genre that was then exploding.[/li][li]Not quite that scary, but a terrific take on the old Hansel and Gretal fairy tale is Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?. This movie would be perfect for a remake, if only they could find someone fitting to do it justice. I dunno, like [/li][li]For a WTF moment or more, try The Other. Uta Hagen was delicious and there are no kids weirder than those from this particular decade. < shudder >[/li][li]And I’ve got to own The Little Girl that Lived Down the Lane. Almost all (Sheen was too campy, but at least he was pretty hot) were Oscar-caliber performances and if this movie doesn’t make you sad and horrified at this same time, I have not done my job. [/li][/ul]
If I haven’t scared you off (hehe) and you’d like me to list more, just say the word and I’ll hit you up with my Honorable Mention group. Enjoy. Bwahahahaha!

Hey all, thanks for the great suggestions. I’ve seen most of these but some not in a while so they go to the netflix queue and the Hammer films I haven’t seen so they go as well.

Faithfool, I love every one of the ones you’ve mentioned so I’d really like to see your honorable mention list.

If anyone’s looking for a decent horror movie, I’ve been watching these:


Definitely more bad than good but one called the Substitute is a terrific horror/comedy.

Also, this:


I loved these but especially To Let and A Christmas Tale.

Also saw Last Winter which was awesome and Transsiberian which was not so much.

This is exactly what I came here to say. I haven’t seen Quarantine, but [REC] scared the bejeezus out of me. If you try at the right time, you can find it in parts on youtube.

Wow, valleyofthedolls, you truly are a connoisseur! I’ll have to work harder on that list now. Here’s some more for your consideration, although I’m pretty sure you haven’t missed many that I’ll mention. Probably just weirder stuff anyway…

The Flesh and Blood Show – actors getting their comeuppance. Pretty fashions.

J.D.'s Revenge – the first 'hood scary movie long before Snoop got in on the action.

Audrey Rose – eh, it’s not Magic, but there’s still Anthony Hopkins.

The Forgotten – for someone dealing with mental health issues, this is kind of prescient.

Squirm – just fun.

A Bucket of Blood and The Collector – neither are 70s, but the former is quite a trip and the latter is chilling!

Flesh for Frankenstein – more funny than anything else, it’s worth it to see Paul Morrissey’s take on horror. Heh.

Oh, and have you ever seen any of those made-for-TV movies back in the day? Some of them were genuinely creepy, like Bad Ronald. Yum.

Further, I have To Let and A Christmas Tale waiting to watch from Netflix. Plus, a friend highly recommends Quarantine (he says it’s even better than [Rec]!), so I can’t wait to see that either.

Perhaps we should swap lists sometime. I even actually have one or three that I’ll give high praise to that were not before 1979!

Just to second FriarTed’s list, and suggest Hammer might be the way to go if you want creepy rather than out and out gore.

I personally preferred Snaps Back to Unleashed - the latter is mostly annoying for the first half…it’s not until Ghost’s plans are revealed that it actually gets creepy.

FWIW, I’ve seen both [REC] and Quarantine (actually saw Quarantine first, if that makes any difference) and [REC] is by far superior, IMO. If you don’t mind subtitles (or know Spanish) then go with [REC] and skip Quarantine altogether. This pains me to say as I really enjoy Jennifer Carpenter’s acting in most everything she’s been in, but there’s no denying that [REC] wins this one. The final 5 or 10 minutes were just plain AWESOME.

For pure spectacle, I’d say the Final Desination series is good. Various recent years stuff I’ve enjoyed:

Dog Soldiers
Oldboy (hmmn, I would rate it as a horror I suppose, some perhaps wouldn’t)
28 Days Later

But only one really disturbed me… Wolf Creek.

Some compare it to Hostel though, but I don’t…

Wicker Man. The original, not the crappy re-make.

If you like psychological/gothic horror, try A Tale of Two Sisters.

The first time I watched it, there were a couple of scenes that were so creepy that I was curled up on the edge of the couch chewing on my knuckles. There are moments of pure spine-tingling terror (so it works as a K-horror), but it is not as “scary” as, say, Ju-On or Ringu. The overall horror of the movie doesn’t derive so much from what you see on the screen, but what you come to realize as certain revelations become known.

It is also a beautiful movie-- the cinematography and set design are very well done, and the use of color and music to set the different moods is masterful. For example, a waltz can be romantic and playful. Or it can be melancholy and sad. The colors green and yellow can be bright and springtime. Or they can be diseased and rot. Director Ji-woon Kim uses such dichotomies to extreme effect.

Great movie. Rewatchability factor: HIGH

My favorite Italian horror movie was “Terror-Creatures from the Grave”. Unfortunately, only a poorly dubbed black and white can be found on Alpha video. I saw it originally in 1966 and it had a terrific sound track that I still remember: Remember the water, the water can save you. Remember the water, so fresh and so pure…

Wicked Little Things is a lesser known one that I thought was pretty good. The creepy kids thing is a bit played out though(even if the ones in Wicked are way more violent), for a post apocalyptic story go with Tooth and Nail.

I also really recommend anything from the Masters of Horror series, they’re a bit shorter than full length but very well done.

The original My Bloody Valentine, if for no other reason than because a 3-D remake is coming up soon! :rolleyes: But Jensen Ackles is gonna be in it, so I must support Supernatural and see it.

Severance is pretty good. So’s Outpost. It has Ray Stevenson in it, so it’s up to you if that’s a plus or minus.

I also recommend The Orphanage. And if you like The Orphanage, you’ll like El Espinazo del Diablo (The Devil’s Backbone). And although I wouldn’t classify it as horror, you should check out Pan’s Labyrinth if you haven’t already seen it.

I was going to suggest Suspiria, but you mention you already have Italian flics from 70s/80s, and therefore are probably well familiar with that one.

I’m not a horror-film fan generally, but there are a few which have really grabbed me. I’ll second the earlier nomination for Angel Heart, which is a great period piece and very creepy. Mickey Rourke and Robert DeNiro are both excellent in it; the knotty plot really pays off.

I really enjoyed Se7en, which I know isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow and a “special guest star” as the villain, as well as an increasingly-tense atmosphere and a true shocker of an ending - what’s not to love?

The low-budget but brilliantly twisted alien-invasion masterpiece The Hidden is a cheesy delight. Violent, funny, gritty - just a pleasure to behold. Your eyes might just pop out of your head when the alien is first revealed. Michael Nouri and Kyle MacLachlan are unlikely police buddies, heading a great cast of people you’ll just barely recognize. Check it out, please!

The Orphanage blew me away. Totally not what I was expecting, but it’s fabulous.

Also, check out Don’t Look Now. I didn’t find it as outright scary as many people have, but it’s really compelling. The sex scene in it was recently (somewhere) rated as the hottest sex scene in a movie. It was, uh . . . memorable.

I love the movie The Frighteners with Michael J Fox. It’s a fun horror flick / comedy. If you’re a hard core horror fan (which you probably are) then you won’t really enjoy it much. I surprisingly enjoyed the one that came out a year or so ago with John Cusack as a writer who debunks haunted locations and stays a night in a haunted hotel room.

I LOVED this one!

Madness. MADNESS!!!