Horses Are Prejudiced (And Other Interesting Things) - MMP

Ummm… this sounds an awful like some of the parties at my house. You know, the kind of parties that are full of those kind of people.

welby great MMP! Made me wanna be there. Well, cept for the smokin’ weed part. Don’t do that. I woulda had me some moonshine though. Rue will be so jealous to know you had moonshine. He’s always wanted some moonshine out of a jug or a mason jar. He also wants to taste chitlins. Bet George and Steve coulda obliged on both parts.

I’m late posting. Y’all notice? We had a big ol’ 'lectrical storm last night. Nasty, fierce 'lectrical storm. Knocked out power and everything. We have no internet at work and until just a few minutes ago I didn’t at home either. sniff Turns out the 'lectricity knocked out the dsl filter on my phone line in the study. So, I took off the filter and plugged the dsl line directly into the wall and voila! internet. BellSouth is sending me a replacement filter. It just means til then I can’t use the phone in my study which is no big deal cause I got other phones in the house. So, I’m good. We’ve had 3.5 inches of rain in 24 hours. That’s a bunch according to Yolanda the weather lady on tv.

My weekend consisted of laying (lying) around the pool Saturday and yesterday (until the storm came up). That was it. Just hanging at the pool. Well, I had some company so other stuff happened too but I won’t tell about that. Just think about George and Steve and you might get an idea. :wink:

That’s all for now. I gotta go to a meeting that starts in half an hour which means I gotta get out the door.

-swampbear (wanting some moonshine and farm raised chicken)

Weekend? Rode my horse, and had a great time. Especially when the deer we met on the trail home spooked him into wheeling and bolting a few steps, and I managed not to fall off.

Yes, horses sometimes ARE prejudiced. There’s a palomino at the barn who prefers chestnut/sorrel over all other horse colors. Out of all the herd, he hangs out exclusively with the chestnuts. Some stallions won’t cover* a mare if she’s a color they hate – like say it’s a gray** mare, and the stud hates grays. The breeder has to put a dark-colored blanket over the mare before the stud will get into the mood.

*That’s horsefolk lingo for… well, yes, that’s just what it is.

**What you nonhorsey people think of as white. No, it’s not silly. Most white horses start out as dark brown, black, or chestnut, then each year get more and more white hairs in their coats, till eventually they turn completely white. About midway through the process is when they’re the prettiest – dark legs, mane and tail, medium gray body with dark dapples all over it.

Oh thanks, Ghanima. I had almost managed to block that from my mind. You know I’m a very visual person, which means I saw a little moving picture of that in my head. Great. The little moving picture is back. Poor cow. Run little moo cow! Ruuuun! :wink:
Okay Swampbear, was you laying or lying around the pool this weekend? Snerk!

Well, I can say that I have had moonshine. Real moonshine from Virginny, even. It was powerful stuff, but I shocked the bejeesus out of my dad when I just took drank it down like water. I didn’t cough or gasp or anything.

Swampy, didn’t your mama tell you that lightning and water DO NOT MIX? :eek: You know, sometimes that lightning just kinda sneaks up on you. I do not want to read about our belovedSwampy being fried by lightning because he was lounging (or laying or lying) around a pool! Okay, enough of the “mommy” mode.

Well, I am in the process of cooking a pork roast and I need to start boiling the taters so I can make mashed taters with gravy. Mmmmmmmm

We were supposed to go to a baseball game tonight and watch my nephew and the choir he’s in sing the national anthem, but my daughter has been slammed with homework and studying these past few days. She has more tonight, so I felt it was more important she do that.

I got my hair whacked this weekend. I’m not sure I like the haircut. I mean, I SHOWED the girl a picture of what it’s supposed to look like, but it didn’t come out like that at all. Oh well, my hair grows quickly anyway…I’ll get it done right in about a month. My daughter had her hair cut too. She chose a very cute style. Her hair gotten very long and was hanging in her eyes. It just was not flattering at all. She surprised me and told me that she wanted to cut her hair short. Her haircut turned out very nicely. She has received numerous compliments on it too.

Well, I better get to cookin’.

Dangergene saunters in with bags of MOS burger for everyone

Hey hi folks! Sorry I’m late!

Awwww man! Welby, that MMP made me all homesick, dammit! Cos even though I grew up in Sydney (down in Ozland), I did a LOT of growing up on the family farm waaaaay north of Sydney. We’ve only got 700acres :D, but your description of Steve’s place is well… it’s pretty much the same as our place. Except we’re on TOP of the mountain so we look down into the valley and the other mountains and the trees and sigh. (This farm isn’t to be confused with Great-Aunt Jean’s place way over the mountains and past Bathurst, that place is a goodly 10,000acres!).

And yes, our front porch (we say ‘verandah’, not ‘porch’) faces the valley, the back verandah faces the car park and that’s where the main door is. You can’t get into the house from the front verandah, cos it’s waaaay off the ground. As confusing as this might seem it’s simply an orientation issue, the front of the house faces the better view, so the back of the house faces the work area.

I gotta stop talking about it. I haven’t been up there in years! Each time we head back to Sydney, we fuly intend to go up there but we never have enough time, and the wife is Singapore born and bred, so she has issues with country night-times. It’s too dark and too quiet and she’s just convinced something bad is going to happen. It’s VERY hard to convince her that we’re too far from anywhere for anything bad to happen!

Anyways, our weekend was …interesting to say the least.

We did father’s day stuff on saturday (apparently Mrs Dangergene’s dad was busy on sunday). I said happy father’s day to him and invited him to wish me a happy father’s day too, but he declined. Apparently respect only flows one way in his head! Blah!

He’s an ass sometimes! We had Tim Sum for lunch, which was delicious and very cool until they brought out the Peking Duck. The slicer-upper was slicing skin off the duck and his loverly-assistant was puting the skin into the little Peking Duck pastry pouches with sauce and vege. I soon realised they’ve almost finished the pouches and made none with actual duck meat. It was all just duck skin (yuck-o!). So I say, ‘uh… hey, are you going to do any with actual meat?’. The response is a very serious ignoring. (I’m often ignored, I’m used to it).Then the guy finishes cutting the skin off and picks up the duck carcass (meat intact, but no skin) and walks away. I kinda jump up and down and say,
…‘where (the hell) is he going with that?’.
…‘he’s puting it in a box for you’
…‘but what about cutting some meat so we can have some actual nice peking duck!’
…‘meat!!! Duck meat, not icky duck skin! Y’know, like they eat it in China’
(I’ve had Peking Duck in Shanghai and Beijing several times and it’s NEVER just duck skin). So loverly-assistant asks,
…’ hunh… uh… you want some meat, is it?’
…‘well, yes’
So she trundles off and returns 15minutes later with a plate of meat that hasn’t been filleted in any way. Just chopped up with a cleaver, bones and gristly bits and blah! sigh. What a way to ruin what should have been the best dish of the meal.

Then we went SHOPPING!

And bought a backpack to carry the Young Master. He LOVES that cos now he can look people in the eye and yell at them as we walk down the street. We also bought a bunch of general baby stuff, wifey bought some clothes, I bought toys and comics (what’s new?)…

…and we bought the most wonderful drink I’ve ever drunk! This is a drink called ‘Pudding shake’. It’s a caramel pudding in a drink can. You shake it up, open it and drink it! Howza!

Sunday? nothing happened on Sunday. Oh, except the Youg Master fell over, again, and split open a little gash on his chin, again. It makes me feel awful, but we got it cleaned and patched and now it’s just a red mark. What makes it sadder is that I commented just that morning that the scar from last time he did it (and needed 5 stitches) is fading to insignificance, and then he goes and smashes it again! To the Other Parents, do your kids do stuff like this? Does it make you sad? He needed LOTS of hugs during the day and I took him out for a backpack walk in the arvo, which he enjoyed a lot. But then needed more hugs later.

Oh and Young Master has his first confirmed, definite meaning word, ‘Die’ (which means ‘Bye’ but is a lot more amusing as a pissed off epithet from a smiling 1year old :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Swampy now it’s my turn to say, ‘come in out of that pool young man, doncha know you’ll get ZARKed** by lightning? And then what would we do for witty pool-side reparte?’

oh, forgot to mention, Blue Heelers is an Aussie cop show about a bunch of cops who work in a small town. I’ve never seen more than a few minutes of it, but I do know it’s very contrite. This puts a whole new twist on the thing about ‘blue heelers don’t learn the first time a horse kicks them in the head’ snerk.

But my Gramp’s Kelpy DID learn the first time he got stood on by a cow! He was very, very brave (or stupid) up till that point. Thereafter he’d sit in the truck and wait for Gramps to finish wrasslin the cows.

dangergene, your Gramps had a a Scottish water horse that could also take the form of a human? Which form was he in when the cow stood on him? Didja ever notice the kelpy wailing before a big storm? Maybe swampy should get one to warn him about storms coming so he won’t be ZARKed unexpectedly by lightning.

I’d write more, but figuring out how to both increase the size and color of a word at the same time has robbed me of all initiative. I’m going to go eat sunflower seeds and read another New Yorker story (which, after I finish, will cause me to rant and rave for a few minutes about modern short stories with no plot and wonder, out loud, why I continue to read them).

I may also eat some ice cream.

aiyiyi! Ms Kallessa a Kelpy is an Australian breed of cattle-doggy (juts like a Blue Heeler, except a Kelpy is brown and a much nicer looking dog, being sleek (there’s that word again) and muscly and a little bit yappy. It’s actually maybe a bit like a professional Dingo, or Warragal, or something).

And yes, he did wail before the storms (the Kelpy, his name was Spec), but that was cos his leg hurt from be tromped on by that mean ol’ cow. And yes, Swampy should have a Kelpy, but maybe he should have the Scottish water-horse type, it could live in the pool and serve him beers before wailing at the storms.

And please, the phrase is ZARKed**, and I agree, that takes a bugger of a long time to code.


Fine. Tell me that I can’t find my own asterisk with both hands. After all that trouble I went to to type up your silly little word and this is the thanks I get. Some people would have just quoted you or used their own word. But not me. No. I spent minutes, literally seconds figuring out how to do the coding and trying to match the color and all Mr. Perfect can say is “the phrase is ZARKed” You didn’t think I’d go throught the trouble of coding it again, did you? Well, if you did, you have another think coming, yes, you do. Some people. Really. Of all the nerve. I hope your toys break. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, not really. I’m not that mean. Seriously, what’s a little misplaced asterisk between friends?

y’know, this is how far off the planet I am this afternoon…

I didn’t notice your asterisks were in the wrong spot
indeed, an asterisk between friends is mighty prickly, look at all those spikey bits! That’s why I’ll just put it over there out of the way. There, isn’t that better?
but I did notice the colour was …off.
Ogdamn I’m pedantic!

I need some chocolate! With coconut.
that’d be nice.

My Mom’s little dog learned not to bother the horses the very first time he got kicked in the head. Well…he didn’t bother that horse anymore. Said horse was prejudiced against most humans according to my Mom. He was a gelding, which might account for his behavior some. He snuck up behind my grandfather once and bit him in the back. And apparently he bit some of the neighbors as well leading at least one of them to complain to grandfather that the horse was too mean. Grandfather said nonsense, my little daughter rides him bareback all the time and could she do that if he was all that mean? Funny thing was the horse let mom do whatever she wanted-he was harmless as a baby bunny…for her. (She’s always had that effect on animals.) Since the horse was too big for her to climb up on she used to lead him to a tree and drop down on him. Wish I had a picture of that.

In other news, when I was kid our back porch used to be our front porch too. Salesmen used to come up and knock on the front door, never knowing that it hadn’t been opened for years. That door never fit right (or left for that matter) so we never used it. Just left it locked all the time and came and went through the back door. Or I guess we’d have to went first to came. Something like that.
And what are you people doing up so late? You people on this side of the planet that is. I thought I was the only oddball that kept these hours.


Late? It’s only 5:43 here, or 1743hrs if you’re a military type (which I’m not, so it remains 5:43).

But then I’m not on THAT side of the planet. I’m on THIS side of the planet.

Now, go to bed everyone on that side of the planet, unless of course you want to post something interesting for me to read until it’s time for ME to go to sleep…

As long as dangergene started the pedantic stuff: It’s <snerk>. Ya gotta have the little pointy things on each end. BTW **Ashes [sup]2[/sup] it was a little of both. :wink:

Just so everybody understands, I was out of the pool waaaaaaaaaaay before the 'lectrical storm hit. I know better. I saw the storm coming. It got all blackish/greenish looking to the southwest (from whence most fierce storms round here come) and playmate and I got out of the pool and put the floats and stuff back in the pool house. I also turned the pump off. I know better than to get ZARKed.

It was pretty close. Welbywife and I almost decided to make a week of it, but of course that would have required Steve’s approval, and we might have had to tell a tall tale or two to the boss-like types at our jobs. And of course the kids, despite the fact that they are nearly adult, would probably have starved. Or so Welbywife thinks. I figured they could live off of cicada husks and microwave dinners, but the wisdom of the wife (read: threats) overcame my bull-headedness.

The smokin weed part was pretty interesting for me, actually, since it’s been years. I’m a responsible adult now, dammit! But most interesting was the moonshine. I’d never had it, and it was well made, or so I’m told. Make no mistake, I could bottle this stuff and sell it as a universal solvent, but a tasty universal solvent. I’m sure that George and Steve would have been happy to rustle up some chitlins for Rue, lord knows they rustled up a helluva lot of other stuff this weekend.

I had the exact same response, initially. Then Bull explained that sex with the cows is more of a business thing than a pleasure thing. Apparently the good old boys were taking us for a ride a little when they talked about “giving her a little kiss behind the ears and whispering sweet nothings when you’re done.”

Bull works for a place that provides frozen cow sperm to farmers so that they can diversify the genetic stock in thier herds. He met Steve while on the job. He said that he knew Steve was worth knowing because they drank whiskey before they went to work on the cows, instead of after.

It made us homesick too, and we don’t even have a home to be sick about., though this one comes close. It’s actually the second time I’ve been to this farm. The first time was about 12 years ago, when we dined on fresh steak and drank beer instead of moonshine. In those days, Steve’s parents were still on the farm and didn’t tolerate “no hard liquor” around the place.

Welbywife and I have a dream that includes owning a place very much like this one in the future. The view alone would make almost any sacrifice to this goal worthwhile.

Plus, if I had a farm I could hold the first annual SDMB Cow Fest*. I’d include moonshine, but you have to bring your own smoke, if that’s your bag. (HA! Bag! I kill me!) If it isn’t you can hang out on the front porch with me and the wife and get plastered.
I’m glad everyone likes the MMP. It sort of horned in on a previously prepared, more Rue-like post about bathroom remodeling.

Well done, welby. Excellent OP.

Other than that, I got nothin’.

Isn’t that the best? When you look around and realize you’re still in the saddle instead of flat on your back. What a thrill!

This is my favorite. I know, it means melanoma down the line, but I just can’t resist a dapple gray - they’re just so pretty! Of course, I’ve never owned one.

Speaking of grays, did you see the Derby? Did you see that blue colt? He was so dark it was hard to tell, but when they were parading them out, you could see he was actually iron gray and not just bay or brown, like the others. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a horse that color!

Important Announcement!

We will not require help moving until Friday. It turns out that when we went in to see the reno progress a couple weeks ago, and spoke briefly to to almost-non-English-speaking guy doing the renovation, and he said that the kitchen wouldn’t be done until the 18th, and we said “Oookaaay, I guess”, he interpreted that as, “Oh, they aren’t moving in until the 18th anyway!”.

And he told the landlord, who didn’t call us to verify, and now we can’t move till Friday.

I’m working until 11 pm on Friday, and then from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Saturday. Gaaahhh! So any volunteers would be more than welcome. I’m so angry- I have this entire week off to move, and we can’t start until Friday and Saturday, which are both hellishly busy.

Anybody want to buy me chocolate? Or moonshine?

Everybody in my department is having a cranky fit. What’s up with that? Jeepers, try to order a departmental luncheon and all of a sudden-like, there are trenches being dug between the cubes, and lotsa cussing and whining to beat all. See the problem is we got our meat and taters crowd, and we got our calorie countin’ crowd, and just to make things interestin’, we got us a square meat crowd. Jeesh! You’d think they was actually payin out their own pockets. :mad:

Say, Welby, you gonna hoard that one or maybe break it out later in the week when there’s a lull? I could sink my teeth into that one cause Mr. Anachi and I are mulling that very subject due to the fact that our shower tile might just dissolve into the garage any day now.

(Mulling But Not Cranky)

I think chocolate moonshine might be interesting. I may make millions and retire filthy rich yet! :smiley:

Tupug no cranky fits here but I have been on the verge of a complete hissy fit this morning. Sigh People just do your jobs and quit all this whining!

welby I second posting the bathroom remodeling thread. Especially if it involves drywall, beer and you. :stuck_out_tongue:

We pause momentarily for a short but loud cyber scream:

We now return to our regularly scheduled MMP thread.

Holy crap Swampy that cyber-scream fell off the edge of the SDMB!


I mean WOW!