"Hot Rod"-not worth seeing in theaters

Last night a couple of friends and I went and saw “Hot Rod.” We originally planned on seeing “The Bourne Ultimatum.” I wish we would have stuck to the original plan.
I’m horrid at doing movie reviews, so I’ll keep this short.

It had it’s moments (only a few) and the love interest was hot (What can I say, I love the clean-cut girl look), but other than that it kinda fell flat. Chuckled a few times but didn’t laugh until my side hurt like some movies have made me. I’d suggest waiting for it on cable.

I thought that the previews looked pretty horrid, but was pleasantly surprised.

I loved the music, and thought they actually got some good use out of Ian McShane. Andy Samberg was funny, although he didn’t really expand his acting range any.

Personally, I couldn’t imagine someone dropping a sawbuck on it. A buck when it comes to the Red Box? Sure, but I can’t believe some half a million people people ponied up to see it first run.