Hot Spot gas station complaint

There are places in the USA that let you get gas in your tank BEFORE you pay???

Here you hand over the cash first and then they pump in that exact amount.

I just can’t believe y’all aren’t reading the Hot Spot Twitter Feed like I told you to.

I’m glad I read this thread so that if I ever need to pay cash for gas, I know to pay first. I’ve been paying with my credit card ever since they put the readers in. I’d have been completely lost with the prepay thing.

My God, better call Xzibit.

Compared to pay-at-the-pump, it’s positively medieval.

It used to be extremely common, in my experience. It’s been years since I’ve done anything except pay at the pump with a credit card, but back when I used to pay cash, it was the norm, although occasionally I’d see signs that said something like “Pre-pay after 10 pm.”

But that was back when gas was a lot cheaper and card readers at the pump were a lot less ubiquitous. I have no idea how common it is now.

I am. It’s spectacular. I cannot more strongly recommend it.

Some of my faves:

Dec 24th: >>tons great gift ideas for last minute shoppers at hot spor. robutussin DM, band Aid, neosporin, different kinds of soda, 9v batt. (for toy)<<

>>bout to expire fried pies (apple, fruit, purple), just take 1 as you leave. in box by door<<

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>>we now carry all suppiles for “butt” chugging fad<<

>>guy and girl outside singing an playing guiatrs. spraid them w hose<<

>>some1 just asked to trade an intendo wii for their fill up of gas. we said yes!<<
>>need cord for intendo wii<<

[Homer Simpson]Purple is a fruit![/Homer Simpson]

1st world problems. Gotta love em

You are an idiot and an asshole, and you read poorly.

He didn’t refuse to subsidize the thing he didn’t like. He bought the gas. And then he did exactly what you accuse the rest of us of doing: he started a pit thread after having knuckled under to the broken world.

Your cheese thread went south because it was moronic and you are the most universally and actively disliked poster on the board currently. Anything you post is an invitation to a pile-on, but you threw in some serious red meat with that OP.

But this post really iced it for me. You have declared yourself to be that particular type of evil person who is not only willing but actually thinks it is virtuous to make a peon pay for anything you don’t like. Do you think ruining a cashier’s day is going to change a company’s policies? No, even you aren’t that stupid. You have peon experience, you know all you are doing is inflicting pain on an innocent person for your own pleasure.


Glad you’re enjoying it! I can’t quite figure out whether it’s performance art or the newest form of the epistolary novel, but either way it’s totally wonderful.

I think it’s real. It is funny, real or not.

It cannot possibly real. Can it?

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The OP is probably too pissed off at us to come back and render an opinion. I actually believe it might be real. I like the name of the business across the street from it on Asheland Avenue: Tire Kingdom. Kingdom!

Nice to see Brian and the boys are still touring.


That feed is hilarious.

I worked at what was the last gas station in town to switch over to pre-pay. Once we finally switched the POS system was changed to take away our ability to turn the pump one without entering a sale in the register. It was impossible for us to “just turn the pump on”. In the OP’s case I would’ve taken the cash from his son, entired the whole amount as a sale, and given the son change if he pumped less gas.

What was really frustrating is when customers just handed me their debit or credit card and expected me to turn the pump on and let them pay afterward. Nope, couldn’t do that. I’d have to enter a set dollar amount, then if they pumped less gas refund the difference to the card. Yeah alot of people got pissed off, especially old people (& one really obnoxious clergyman), but there was nothing we could do no matter how loudly they whined, complained, or threatened. On the bright side we didn’t have a single drive-off after the swtich.

Is it legal to dock workers’ pay for theft by others against the company?

I had never even attempted to pay inside until a few months ago when I stopped at a station with broken readers on their pumps. I was surprised you couldn’t do this and almost started a thread asking how the hell you are supposed to fill up your tank when pre paying. Would have helped if they’d explained that I should just overestimate and they would refund the difference to my card (does that require a second trip inside? )
Instead, I took my business to a different gas station that had their shit together (i.e. A working reader at the pump).

Someone mentioned the hold that is placed on your account when you use a debit card. This (and card skimmers) is why it’s much safer to use a cc over a dc.

They were able to steal gas because the employee didn’t follow procedures designed to prevent that. If they don’t activate the pump until they have cash in hand this can’t happen.

Is it legal to dock an employee’s pay for business losses that result from that employee not following procedures?