House of Lords Reform Bill 2012

Hah! The Deputy PM just got roundly rebuked in the Commons on the first day of Second Reading, by Winston Churchill’s grandson no less. Clegg tried to quote Churchill supporting electing the Lords, and Sir Nicholas Soames stood up to point out that Churchill said that when he was quite young and over time changed his views utterly.

He also started out Tory, then turned Liberal and then turned Tory. How’s about that!

Hmmm, p. 67… not exactly a high-priority item for them, it seems. For those who don’t want to tab through the .pdf file:

We will work to build a consensus for a mainly-elected second chamber to replace the current House of Lords, recognising that an efficient and effective second chamber should play an important role in our democracy and requires both legitimacy and public confidence.

I agree it seems pretty stupid. What’s the point of electing them if they’re not going to have any power?

Rumours now abound that the Government has opted not to offer a Programme Motion on the Bill, expecting to be roundly crushed on it. The Bill now faces being talked out.

The Programme Motion was pulled to avoid a humiliation, but the Government won Second Reading with Labour support, but with 124 Noes. A substantial Tory rebellion.

I guess this will simmer until the Autumn now.

Aaaaand it’s dead.

I’ve not doubt the issue will arise at some point again but it’s probably dead for the next decade or so.

thanks for keeping this thread updated.

If you have any questions about the House, Parliament, or anything related to this plan to reform the House, don’t be afraid to ask - it’s a field of interest to me :slight_smile:

In all seriousness the ideal House of Lords is like the Loch Ness monster. They are never going to find it and the money is in the mystery. IMO, they have a better chance in this post Downton Abbey world of getting the 1999 Act repealed.

Indeed, although I fear that in their fruitless hunt for the ideal House of Lords they ruin the generally pretty good House that already exists and replace it with a pile of junk.

I had a long, drawn out debate with a staunch pro-elector recently, and deconstructed his argument to the point where he was forced to concede election would fail to achieve everything he wanted. But when I offered a solution that achieved what he wanted, but didn’t elect the Lords, he dismissed it as ‘not true reform’.

This is the kind of people we’re facing. Guh.