How are things in Glocca Morra?

Is Glocca Morra a real place, or was it made up for the song?

Best I can tell: fictional.

I had a geography game thread recently where I mentioned it, thinking it real. After some Googling I was unable to verify that. Then I asked a Doper from Ireland and she (irishgirl, I believe) said it was bogus.

I really love that tune, though. From Finian’s Rainbow, I think.

I googled as well, and all I came up with were references to the song so I assumed it was fictional. But I thought I’d better ask.

A line in the play says, “where is Glocca Morra” and the anwer is “Nowhere. Me father, Finian, made it oop.”

:smack: Serves me right for not looking up the lyrics! (I just like saying the title line.)

Me, too. It’s at least as good as “How’s you hammer hangin’?”

THAT line was in Finian’s Rainbow, too? Wowzer!

I don’t think it’s in the lyrics. Rather, a line in the play. I cheated and used my historical newspaper database. :slight_smile:

The Glocca Maura pub and restaurant is on the main Dublin-Cork road, between Fermoy and Mitchelstown.