How big a collection of cheesecake (or beefcake) pictures is creepy?

I would go with the standard “are you an alcoholic?” type questions. Does it interfere with getting things done? Does it lead to fights with people you care about? Do you promise to stop and then do it anyway? Do you spend money on it that you can’t afford to spend?

[tangent] At what point should I be asking these questions about my post count? [ angent]

Not for awhile yet, IMHO. :slight_smile:

I’d say it depends less on the amount than on the time spent on it.

I have a lot of porn, I suppose. But I’m not obsessively categorizing them and putting them into organized folders nor do I stare at them everyday. It just so happens that sometimes I’ll see or hear of a cute actress and look up their pic on Google, then maybe save a couple of nice ones. Eventually, if I don’t delete them, they build up.