How Can I Run Old PC Games In XP?

Usually, if a program works under 2000 it will work under XP.

If you look at how the operating systems identify themselves, instead of what microsoft’s advertising weenies named them, you get a much clearer idea of what is going on.

Windows line of operating systems (ignoring 3.x and earlier):
Windows 95 = windows 4.0
Windows 98 = windows 4.1
Windows ME = windows 4.9

Windows NT line of operating systems (ignoring 3.x and earlier)
Windows NT 4.0 = windows NT 4.0
Windows 2000 = windows NT 5.0
Windows XP = windows NT 5.1

The things that get you into the most trouble, compatibility-wise, are jumping from one line to the other, and changing the major version number (going from NT 4.0 to 5.0, for example). Minor version number changes (from 5.0 to 5.1, for example) are usually fairly safe.

That said, microsoft doesn’t believe backward compatibility is all that important. They will gladly break backward compatibility if they think they can make the operating system “better.” I’ve been surprised to find a couple of software packages that work under 2000 but not under XP. Fortunately, these are rare.

The main thing that breaks compatibility in games is a structural difference between the windows and the NT lines. The regular windows operating systems are backward compatible to DOS and allow programs to do direct hardware accesses. The NT line is not DOS compatible, and has what is called the “hardware abstraction layer” (aka HAL) in between the software and the hardware. The HAL is what gives the NT line its greater stability, and is key to making sure that when a program farts that it only takes out itself and not the entire system. However, it is also what stops many games from working.

Try VDMSOUND. Also, check out the link I previously posted. It has a lot of suggestions about how to handle sound problems.

Went there and gotta “Page not Avail” type mess. There was This Link but it can’t find any info on VDMSOUND there. Does your link work for you?
Thanks very much for your time. I am really hpoeful of getting DOOM running again

That’s odd, Ive had absolutely no problem running any version of Doom on my puter. I didn’t need any add-on progs either.

So na na na boo boo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah! Sure! That makes me feel soooo much better. :smiley:
Your running XP and not having problems with the sound? Damn!

Try this one:

I’ve heard it said that an real Sound Blaster works.
I’d like to reccomend Doomsday again if you aren’t networking the game.

Try what Xploder suggested: I can’t answer for Ultimate Doom, but Doom 2 is running sweet as: you may have to fiddle with the graphics and screen settings, but it shouldn’t take long to find the right combination.

“…what Xploder suggested”?.

Not sure how to load this. :smiley:

Thanks for all the suggestions. I will re-load DOOM this afternoon if time permits (I uninstalled it when I failed to make it work) and let ya know how it goes.
Thanks very, very much. I can’t wait to see if it works.

Is there a way to disable the screen-tilting in Doom? Tried playing it and I’m getting nauseus…

arrrgggg!!! I now have loaded
But they don’t work together. Dosbox wants me to “mount c c:\dosprog” to create a C drive for programs. I do as I’m told and it keeps sayin “ILLEGAL COMMAND C:\ Does not exist” No shit! I’m trying to make one like you said
VDMsound says “just click on game and choose the VDM option” Where the hell does this take place. DOOM has nothing to click on for a VDM option.
HELP. I feel the pieces are there but the game sound is choppy and the screen movement is as well.

Let me see if I can help. If I am being too slow, feel free to correct me.

First, DOSBox has a decent SoundBlaster emulator. Try setting the audio for Doom 2 to the standard SoundBlaster 16/PRO settings. If this will work, you do not need VDMSound.

Second, mount wherever you put DOOM2. I’m going to assume the structure is C:\DOOM2. So type “mount c c:\doom2”.

Now, if you have it running in DOSBox like this, if you are having trouble with choppiness, keep hitting Ctrl-F12. This speeds everything up and uses more of the CPU. If you overdo it, slow it down by hitting Ctrl-F11. If you speed it up as much as possible and still have choppiness, start dropping frames by hitting Ctrl-F8 until it looks good. If you went too far, start adding frames by hitting Ctrl-F7. It can be tricky to get it just right in a resource-intensive game. It took me a little while to get it right when I was emulating TIE Fighter last night.

Or you could just try running under Doomsday, as I and some other folks have suggested.

Are you playing on a network, Terminus?

I’M Back UpDoomsday is up 'n running. Gotta go back! Thanks to everyone!

Ha, Ha!


if you want to run the quake 2 game on winxp, you cant use the cd install, at least thats been my experience,

so all you have to do is take the DATA folder and extract it to C:/quake2
if you want to update with the patches, direct the updates to the DATA folder,
there is an executable in there, just double click

I can’t even get Final Fantasy VII to INSTALL on XP, much less run. It’s compatible with Windows 98, it says. Is there no hope?

Dumb question: Are you installing as an administrator?

I don’t see FFVII listed in DOSBox but you could try it, at least for the install. First, I’d see if I could get the install program to run in Win98 compatibility mode.