How can you safely boil water in a microwave

if the coffee is all dissolved at a normal concentration then it is much like water in relation to boiling.

I’ll back off a bit on my claim that the glass or ceramic needs to be really smooth and polished. There’s enough claims here where I’m beginning to think that it’s not so uncommon. I honestly wasn’t aware that consumer glass/ceramic could do this. Lesson learned :stuck_out_tongue:

What, this is a thing? Not an urban legend?

I boil water in the microwave ALL THE TIME. I use a plastic microwave teapot I bought. It used to whistle, doesn’t any more, and I use the “beverage” setting on my microwave for the appropriate amount (up to 2 cups).

If they didn’t want me to boil water in the microwave they shouldn’t have a “beverage” setting.

I did once explode a very nice ceramic cup, and that was kinda scary. Peeled the paint right off of it.

It is rare and requires water that is very high purity in a container that is very smooth and flawless, but yeah it can happen. Someone above said he had the water explode in his face and lost a lot of skin in his mouth from it.

It wasn’t water, it was reheated coffee. Now I know what dragons feel like - no wonder they’re grumpy.

That probably is required, to do it consistently. You probably don’t want to try a few hundred times for a class demonstration.

Supercooling seems to be somewhat easier-- Some brands of bottled water will do it every time, if you keep them in the freezer.

Bottled coke will do it to. I love opening a bottle and having it flash freeze on me. The trick seems to be having the freezer set at its lowest temp and keep the drink from being moved while it’s in the freezer.

At least that’s how it works for me.