How common are "natural" (not falsetto) sopranos?

Hey Come,

Good questions!

I can tell you that lifting the soft palate doesn’t have a ton to do with hitting higher notes.
You can hit them with a lowered palate, high palate or just relaxed one.

I will give you that many singers find it easier to find their head voice by singing more nasal at first.
To sing nasal, the palate must be lowered so the resonance can go into the nose.

One other thing to address: vibrato.

A member was talking about how a singer has a very nice and natural vibrato.

But I just wanted to point out that vibrato can come naturally to anyone if their voice is in balance since the tremulousness of the cords is what causes vibrato.

I’ve written a full article on the subject with 12 helpful exercises if you’d like to check it out: