How Could I Tell If My Trash Collection Company Is Mob-Owned/Controlled?

It’s more like Veolia has an American presence, as it’s a French company.

LOL I always do that, damned autocorrect [my aunt is named Violia]

“Aiyo!,” or “Aiya!” ?

I hear both. I’ve principally heard the former from Cantonese speakers, the latter from Mandarin speakers, but it’s not as though my sample size is big enough to draw any conclusions from that.

Ooookay… But what do Chinese Mob-connected trash collectors say when arrested?

“Dirty coppers. Dirty rottern coppers.”

Just like Irish- or Italian-American mobsters do.

Your garbage collection company isn’t Barone Sanitation is it?


No, that’s what the cops say.

I thought the Soprano family used the trash business as one of their methods to launder their ill-gotten gains. For certain it’s how Tony showed a ‘legitimate’ income to the tax authorities.

One reason that the mob was involved in trash collection is that it is a business where monopolies can be very profitable and enforcement is relatively easy. If you get a monopoly on cupcakes and jack up the prices, people can start eating more pie, so you can only make so much money. However people will always need trash picked up so no matter how much you raise rates people will not stop having their garbage picked up. Also if someone does try to come in and undercut the monopoly the mob can easily punish the newcomer by disabling the trash truck or beating up the garbage men.

Yes, a “no-show” job, which he got because the company was controlled by the Soprano family. Mr. Barone of Barone Sanitation was boss of the company in name only.