How did things turn out? - Romney/Ryan 1 year later

MS/NBC would be making fun of his having a black grandchild.


Was this the RWTPFTT today or something?

Can we talk about what would have happened if Ron Paul would have won? :slight_smile:

Yes. Melissa Harris-Perry made a really stupid joke (and almost immediately apologized for it) about the adopted grandson and the Wingnuttosphere erupted like Krakatoa. Or Cracker-toa, perhaps. Oh, and Don Lemon, who hasn’t yet had it sink in that he’s both gay and African-American, so those Republicans he’s carrying water for all the time hate him twice as much…

We’d all be too stoned to care!

I figured something was up, this thread was the second time I saw it pop up, and both posts were made within an hour of each other (by two different posters).

Given what we know now, this part concerns me. My biggest criticism of Republican Presidents is that they don’t put effort into actually governing well. Their attitude is basically, “We hate government, so we aren’t going to make an effort to do our job.”

If the rollout had been this disastrous with Romney as President, sure, it would have damaged the health care law. It also would have damaged Romney as surely as it damaged Obama.

I’d like to think that with Romney’s management experience, and experience implementing a health care law, things would have gone better, but the best scenario I can think of is that Romney, being on top of things, finds out that the site won’t be ready for prime time and delays it a year, along with the rest of the law, which makes Republicans happy without making him look like he’s the idiot.

That would be a different kind of debate, as it is implausible without assuming a prior series of major cultural/political changes, going back several years, on the scale and depth of the social revolutions of the '60s and '70s – i.e., assuming a different timeline and a very different America in 2012.

Or a fluke win because his opponents are too damaged to be plausible.

If we assume the fluke, we also assume ineffectiveness, since he’d have no mandate and his own party wouldn’t even agree with him on most issues. So both the House and the Senate would basically ignore him. Heck, they might even start working together out of mutual dislike of the President. So maybe he ends up being the Greatest President Ever for bringing the parties together!

Getting back to the OP… One thing that would not be happening if Mitt Romney were President: He wouldn’t be sued in federal court for criminal racketeering.