How do deer catch covid?

Compliance in the raccoon population is 100%, but their technique could be improved.

In some areas. That’s illegal in some states.


We put out cracked corn for the deer, turkeys, and crows. Watching the deer eat, they’re constantly interacting with each other; sniffing face to face, play fighting, etc.

Ticks? I’m being facetious, I think, but they spread everything else, so why not. If it happens to be true, hiking will be even more interesting.

Dogs & cats might be one link in the chain from humans to deer. If a fox catches an infected pet cat, then feeds on acorns under the same oak tree as local deer, for one slightly stretched example.

There are only a handful of states where feeding is not legal at all (this list isn’t current, but gives you a good idea). Baiting deer while hunting is illegal in many more states, but hunters still use feeders outside in other ways.

I thought the tick option might be likely, but found this and it looks to be unlikely given the tick lifecycle. TIL.

Are deer dying of Covid? I know that in many areas, deer are overpopulated and are encroaching into suburban neighborhoods. If it kills them, it might cut back the overpopulation problems.

No, they mostly don’t get very sick. Like young people.

I like young people too! Unless they’re on my lawn.

I had this thought. Though more in the lines of a silver lining being if it killed off the excess deer in large numbers, it might reduce the deer tick population…

Randall Munroe tried to warn you…

That’s probably where I got that idea.

Either that, or someone offered to lick your balls and you’re just really bad at picking up on hints that someone is into you.

Haha! That’s probably it.

I was chatting with a friend who has been following the pandemic professionally, and talked with a woman who is (among other things) studying covid in deer, and apparently deer catch it from breathing near other deer, outdoors.

She says that deer produce an enormous cloud of covid laced air, and that’s why it’s racing through their population, and also, people are catching it from deer. There’s a deer eating your roses. It’s been standing there a while, exhaling virions. You chase away the deer, breath in the cloud it left behind, and come down with covid.

I think covid-laced air is like cigarette smoke. It’s easy enough to avoid outdoors, but if you are standing in the wrong place, you can get a lung full of second hand smoke outside.