How do I drill a hole in a magnet?

I often wonder how people come across threads this old. Were you searching the Dope for or “magnet drilling” or what? Curious minds (or at least one) want to know.

Hard drive magnets are steel backed rare earth magnets. I collect them for various purposes. Once you’ve used a wood chisel to knock them off their backing, they are quite brittle. If I wanted to drill a hole in one, I’d do it with a low speed diamond bit, with the magnet immersed in water to keep it cool. Small diamond bits aren’t all that expensive as jewelers use them. I’ve used them to drill holes in glass lenses as well as stones. The underwater bit is important. Heat buildup is not good for magnets or drill bits.


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I started reading this thread thinking it was current (like I always do :man_shrugging:) until a suggestion was made to try Radio Shack. THEN I looked at the date.

I too wonder how certain old threads get dredged up.

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