How do I find a Scematic for a particular Car engine? Building a Dune Buggy.

My buddy and I are looking to do a little Monster Garaging on an a 97’ Rav 4 5-speed. Basically, we are going to rip all the metal off the body, weld on a super heavy duty roll cage, and make it into a modified dune buggy.
I picked it up for 500 bucks over the weekend and we are storing it at my buddies house. It’s currently over heating and we are going to replace the radiator and water-pump. But I don’t know if the pump is attached or not to the timing chain. Not only would I like a scematic of part placement, but for electrical wiring as well. Any Ideas where I can find a scematic for the engine? I tried Hemmings and I couldn’t find it. Thanks in advance for your help!

I would think that a Haynes or Chiltons manual from ye ol local auto parts shop would suffice, or are you looking for something more detailed than those?

Looking at the picture on this page,
the pump is driven by a timing belt not a chain.
Are you sure the RAV has a separate frame? If it doesn’t pulling body panels off would not be the best idea ever. (Course if you are emulating MG don’t let that stop you. That show is full of dumb moves)

The rave doesn’t have a separate frame IIRC. No matter, this thing we’re planning is not going to be for serious off roading…just tooling aruond the desert.
As for the pump, it looks like you are right, the timing belt not chain runs it. Either way it’s going to be a bugger to get to.