How do officals get dental records for ID of bodies?

It is a valid question that I’ve wondered about for a long time.

My childhood dentist retired. My new dentist didn’t request my old records. They spent quite a bit of time mapping out all my fillings. XRays and so on. I could easily be identified if the cops inquired.

But as others said. Somebody has to tell the cops who my dentist is. Theres still no central database?

There is no need to have a massive database with dental records just on the off chance you are one of the few people that go missing. There is a central national website for missing persons. Across the country NamUs is used to share information about missing persons. Dental records can be uploaded for missing persons and when unidentified bodies are found those files will be checked.

There has been talk about a database, and it’s been started, to some extent:

That’s not a database of random dental records. Like the information collected through NamUs that is a database of records of missing persons. The person is missing first then their records are uploaded to the database for possible matching with found remains. Rachelann was talking about everyone’s records being put into a database regardless of status.

no if the govt requires records for a database it is not a HIPAA violation

The records of everyone who’s ever been to a dentist, for reasons unrelated to healthcare or billing? I’m pretty darned sure that’s not allowed currently.

I had a thread on this topic in 2010.