How do you feel about California?

This area is probably my favorite place to go in the whole world, and I’ve been a few places. 300ft redwoods and hot clam chowder on a cold drizzly day, mmmmmm.

I can’t think why I would care. Once the water is treated it is clean and cheaper than desalling the ocean.

With climate change and its effect on the increasingly unreliable rainfall in CA that’s only going to accelerate. Nor is there anything wrong with that necessarily. It’s pricey but definitely cheaper and less of an environmental headache than desalinization, so it’s also inevitable. It is also not the only part of the U.S. where this is a growing trend. Visceral disgust of the uninformed aside it’s a good idea whose time has come and the need is growing. Welcome to the world of tomorrow!

Ragging on CA because it is has severe anthropogenic climate issues (I guess I should add an IMHO here, but the scientific evidence is piling up) is one thing. Ragging on partial solutions to those problems makes a little less sense :slight_smile:.

I DO realize that. Though the actual figure is bit less than half, it’s still a pretty big chunk. And it is not just San Francisco, but all around the bay generally. Unfortunately that’s just the way it is - you cannot really stabilize land that has already been built up on and a lot of that infill dates back a century or more. So it is just one of those not-so-hidden-but-rarely-talked-about risks of living in those parts of the Bay Area.

And it’s not like other towns aren’t. Where do you think the treated sewage from the town upstream from your town’s reservoir is going? The only difference is that San Diego is using their own sewage rather than the stuff from some other town.

Seriously? California is one of only 11 states that pays more to the feds than it gets back, and for that you call it a welfare state? Sometimes I think the worst thing about California is that we still have to put up with the rest of this country fighting every progressive policy we try to enact while suckling our teat and bitching that it’s not dispensing chocolate milk.

Except for my born and bred Bay area friend who calls the northern part of the state “Cali”.

Boston Bay? Seriously, in 58 years as a Californian, I have never heard a native call it that.

I have, but it was Guy Fieri.

San Francisco, so there.

Never in my life have I heard that name from a Californian. Your friend is either weird or trying to troll other Californians.

Seriously, most years lately they’ve been taking back more money. NJ is one of the big providers propping up the Federal Budget, year after year. I’m surprised in 2019 California actually contributed more.

Why Are a Few States Such Big Givers?

The biggest givers in our latest report, based on 2018 data, were New York, which paid in US$22 billion more than it received; New Jersey, which paid $12 billion more; Massachusetts, which paid $9 billion more; and Connecticut, which paid $8 billion more than it received.

California’s economy is the largest in the US, but The North East is basically supporting the US.

I’m not. I’m trying to find a payers/takers chart that shows each state over time but haven’t had any luck yet.

Cite please? Because your link doesn’t show that.

Took some looking but here is a recent one:

It shows California is just on the take side at an average of $12 per resident.
Note: NJ is the #1 supported per resident at $2,368 and Massachusetts second at $2,343. Actually it looks like their chart is a little screwy and Connecticut might be the real #1 at $4000.

Another source:

  • 40 out of 50 states are getting more, sometimes a lot more, from the federal government than they’re paying in taxes.

    California is the closest to breaking even at a net difference of $12 per person,

After perusing the thread, I suspect I am in the minority opinion.

I have visited California a few times, and have a few connections:

  • Sacramento area
  • San Francisco area
  • Spent a week in Anaheim
  • I have friends and family in the Bay Area, as well as near Tehachapi and Atascadero.
  • I have always wanted to visit Humbolt County, thanks to the hippiness of the now-defunct Police Blotter in the Arcata Eye.

All that being said, I’ll use the old quote: "I’m sure it’s nice to visit, but I sure as heck wouldn’t want to live there!.

Having grown up around NYC (in NJ), and lived in ND, MT, GA, FL, UT, AZ, and now NM, I have absolutely no draw to move to California, and am quite happy in the four-corners region.

What gives? My impressions of State intrusiveness into privacy:

  • Taxes seem exorbitantly high.
  • There are tags/warnings on everything that seem to indicate every consumer product will give you cancer.
  • Too many damn people and traffic.
  • I like some of the progressive politics, but the system seems to be disjointed–Sacramento seems to cater to LA/SD/SF at the expense of everybody else. Just too big a state to be effectively run.

Just my impressions. I get the sense it’s just a West Coast version of the East Coast congestion and schtick I fled back in '95.

I have mountains. I have trees. I have starry skies at night.

California’s a big place; it’s not all overcrowded. I have mountains. I have trees. I have starry skies at night. And I also have the beach.

Laws in California may have precipitated many of those tags and warnings but the result isn’t just found in California. It’s more efficient for manufacturers to put those warnings on all their products, no matter where they might be sold.

A lot of supermarkets just have one sign at the entrance with words to the effect:

Proposition 65 warning: Just about everything sold here can give you cancer. For more information, go to the individual product web site.

I remember as a 12 year old visitIng San Diego and San Francisco in an Airstream trailer (believe or not San Francisco had a campground in 1979) and remember the only highlight being my parents shocked that two black guys were kissing each other on a street corner, and attending a Philadelphia Phillies v San Diego Padres game.

I have never visited LA but would love to check it out!