How do you remember your car's license plate number?

I don’t. I remember the one from the first car I had, but after that I haven’t bothered. I rarely need it and if I do, I go out and look.

Mine is really easy; Why Be? And the police code for Grand theft (YB487)

And since I drive a red Opel Astra, I’m in the same situation as the others with way to popular cars. I’ve even tried to unlock the wrong one a couple of times.

Yup, I remember it so when I rent a motel room I don’t have to run outside to write down my plate on the room registration.

The green of my old Honda Civic was quite a popular colour. For some reason or another, the key from one of them would open all the others. So my Mum, my ex and I all found ourselves walking over to what we thought was our car in the car park, only to open the boot and find someone else’s shopping.

I’ve got no idea what either of my cars’ plate numbers is.

Used to have vanity plates with my initials, but no more. Now I just remember the three letters and four digits. Not too hard.

I haven’t the foggiest idea, same with DL#. For some reason my brain is unable to retain these two data points, try as I might to memorize them.

So that when the P.A. announcement for the driver of the car with license plate “ABC 1234” comes, you’ll know it’s for you.

I just have it memorized…I mean, it’s just three letters and three numbers, it’s not that hard. No mnemonic or anything. But then, I tend to be good at memorizing strings of letters and numbers. Off the top of my head, I have memorized:

My license plate number
My checking account number.
My Visa and MC numbers, including both of the three-digit secret numbers on the back.
The combo to the lock on my storage unit.
The combo to the first locker I had in high school. (well…it ended being the only locker Iever had, so four years of having to use it several times a day locks it in the memory forever…19-39-9.)
My SSN (this is something I thought everyone knew, but it seems lots of people don’t have it memorized.)
Every zip code I’ve lived in (for that matter, the full address of every place I’ve lived (which is only eight places, but still.))

My problem is that my car and my wife’s car have the same tag number except for the last digit, so I can never remember if mine is the one that ends with 4 or ends with 5.

I usually just write a question mark on that line. Nobody has ever said boo about it.

I haven’t needed to know my plate number in about 25 years of driving, so I reckon it’s not all that important.

It’s in the name of my bookmark for the parking ticket payment website. :slight_smile:

Not to answer the OP directly, but I’ve noticed a strange thing…

All my life, my state had AAA-111 format on the plates. I couldn’t not remember these. I could tell you the plate of every car that’s been involved in my life since I was a child. A few years ago, they ran out of combinations and moved to AA-11-AA format. Do you think I can remember those?

I use the gmail filing system. :slight_smile:

I’m not a Nazi, but my license plate makes me think otherwise - AHJ 8888 (not a vanity tag). AHJ = Adolf Hitler Junior, 8888 = Heil Hitler Heil Hitler (H is the 8th letter of the alphabet and 88 is a code phrase for Heil Hitler).

I’m like this too, only I’m much better with numbers than letters. I remember the number from a bank account I closed over 30 years ago. Can’t remember to take the trash out, but there’s a metric shitload of digits rolling around in my loaf.

Having said that, my current license plate letters are WMD. Hard to forget this decade anyway.

7 best friends; 1 ho. (7BFH01)

That reminds me, I have to steal another license plate.:smack:

Just kidding ----- really.:smiley: