How do you sort out your videos/CDs?

Perhaps I’m unusual, but I have a 5 year-old who tends to go through things before I get home (my wife is usually busy with our 7 month-old. So, most of our CDs are sorted By Five Year-Old. What does that mean? It means lots of shouts like

“Michael! Where’s the CD that goes in this box!? I don’t care if it Is an ‘Alien Spaceship’, you put it back Right Now! And Why is ‘SHREK’ in my “Road to Perdition” CD box…?”

Barely organized.

All CD’s are in the Sony CD Jukebox. It’ll hold 400 CD’s and you can type Title & artist in. It’ll do display tricks like sort by name. artist or genre so organization is basically electronic. Within the junkbox there’s a rough physical order by genre but that’s been screwed up as we added stuff out-of-order on the end of the original load set. We’ve pitched the jewel cases.

DVD’s are divided by shelf, top three shelves are “grown-up” movies, lower two are kids movies. Within each shelf, sometimes there’s a rough genre order but it’s only if while shelving something, I notice something of the same genre & I’ll put them together.

Numbered tapes & CD’s? What do you do when you get something new? Renumber everything or go to decimals?

CDs are in two notebooks. One has AFI (in order of how much I like each disc) and Metallica (in chronological order, with live albums and Garage, Inc after all the studio albums). The other is organized by band name, then release date of the album. Burned copies of albums go where they would if it was a legit, commercial copy, burned mixes go at the back in no order.

DVDs are in two stacks on top of the TV. I only have about 10, so it’s not to critical to have them organized. One stack is music-related (Metallica’s “Live Shit”, Sabbath’s “Last Supper” and Tap) and the other is everything else.

I just keep everything in alphabetical order. Although I have a separate shelf for boxed sets and the like.

Albums are sorted alphabetical by artist, then by date of release.

CDs are separated by musical style (rock/pop, jazz, classical), then sorted alphabetically by artists and date of release. Classical recordings are sorted by composer, then conductor or performer and date of release.

Videos are sorted into pre-recorded (sorted by title) and those I recorded myself (sorted by first title on the tape, but label also includes the year made and performers, along with the same information for other movies on the tape).

DVDs are sorted by title.

DVDs are currently in a pile next to the TV, in no order.

When I get around to organzing my CD’s and have a place to put them, it’s alphabetical by artist and within artist, alphabetical by title. Soundtracks and compilations are mixed in alphabetically with the rest of the CD’s.

Videos are currently in a box in the attic, and they weren’t in any particular order when I had them out.

CD’s are organized into two large Case Logic wallets. AC/DC-Lyle Lovett and Madonna-ZZ Top + Miscellaneous at the back. Multiple CDs by a single artist are organized from earliest to latest release. I’ve gotten rid of most jewel cases, but have liner notes pulled out and alphabetized in a postman’s box. I save cases to box sets, and anything that’s remotely hard to find, or stuff I think I might want to sell at some point.

I also just input everything into an Excel File with artist, album title, release date, and recording label.

I only have 20 or so movies, so I haven’t had a need to organize them yet.

CD’s are all loaded into my home computer which is hooked up to the stereo and tv set, so the physical cd’s are all on one of those spindle things that you buy blank cd’s on. I have no idea where most of the cases are now…I think we have them in the attic someplace. DVD’s and Video tapes are all arranged on a shelf above the stereo, in no particular order, except that sequals are next to each other, and tapes are separate from DVD’s.

Hey, Belrix! I have that CD jukebox! But I type everything into an Excel file to organize it. (and to make sure I don’t buy duplicates when we go shopping). I love it. But we kept the jewel cases because sometimes we want to see who’s playing on what album, lyrics, dates, etc.

That’s a great player, IMHO. For the interested, it’s this one, although mine’s a slightly earlier model.

We dumped the jewel cases just a couple days ago - trash truck hasn’t been here yet, even. I realized that in nearly 20 years of owning CD’s I’ve read the inserts maybe 10 times. We’re really trying to simplify our lives, dump stuff, etc. so these are victims of that effort.

Belrix … I have the earlier 300 disc model of that… I love that thing!!!

I duped all my cd’s with cd text so I can just dial up the song I want! It was far easier than typing in all the cd names and I got all the individual songs too.

The originals are all collecting dust in their cases in drawers hidden behind the futon to keep the munchkin out.