How does Monster Cable manage to scam people into buying their cables?

Never mind. Gag site. Dangit. :smack:

I was in a Best Buy one time. I over heard a sales guy trying to sell a couple a $75 HDMI cable.

I felt so bad for them that I had to interupt the sales guy to inform the couple how a digital signal works and why you don’t have to spend that much freak’n money.

The couple thanked me and left. The sales guy looked at me like I just shot the family dog.

Was it the Tice Clock?

Since we’re on the subject, what is the word on headphones that are supposedly way more bad ass than your normal headphones for peons? Bose and other such insanely expensive brands.

We’ve had a thread or two about them before, anyone got some linkage?

I heard (but havent actually seen) of a test where they had some self proclaimed audiophiles testing headphones and cables, without being able to see what was being put on their heads. one set didnt even have cables, it was headphones connected via WIRE COAT HANGERS!!! and no nobody noticed a difference in sound.

and after a single google search

I wouldn’t feel too bad – the best bass player I’ve ever played with used Monster 1/4" TS cables. And he had multiple cables in his bag as well, as I had to borrow an extra once. Clearly they worked for him, and he wasn’t that stupid (for a glorified [simplified?] guitar player :D).

Not my thing, but there’s a lot of extra stupid junk out there in audio-land even more deserving of contempt than some mid-priced cables.

The headphone thing we could really get in a fight over. There is a difference in quality and it does, somewhat, correlate with price.

The only reason we’d get into any fights over the subject would be if no one ever coughs up some cites. :wink:

Do my ears count as a cite? Cause they’re very adamant that these $100 headphones sound way better then the ones that came with my mp3 player.:smiley:

That raises another question in my mind – is Monster one of those entities that made its name at a pro-grade line of product (back in the analog age when the wire’s characteristics woudl really influence the sound) and then for marketing carries over the cachet of the brand name into consumer-grade product, that may be good but not five-times-more-expensive good?

The headsets bundled with our mp3 players are mostly cheap gear barely a step above those we get for the inflight movie. OTOH are the $500 headphones better than the $100 ones?

I think that’s it.

I first saw Monster cables when I bought my Fender bass – more expensive but they were more ruggedly made and appeared more durable than a lot of other cables hanging on the wall. I’ve heard people say that they stand up to stress better – if you’re gigging a lot and dragging your gear all over creation you want stuff that will work when you take it out of the bag, gear you can depend on. Monster seems to hold up to that claim, at least on the instrument end of things. But instrument cables are being pulled around on the stage. and are sometimes subject to harsh conditions, etc. So this makes sense.

When you go on to other kinds of cables I think spending that kind of money is pretty foolish – you don’t have the same sort of need for durability. Who would? I’m not convinced they’re worth the expense for anything else.

And what about the 20 or 30 dollar headphones versus the $100+ varieties?

Seriously, between $30 and $100, yes; between $100 and $500 only for your dog.



Excuse me, this cough and sneeze have just snuck up on me. I was healthy yesterday I swear.

Did it occur to you that they are telling you this via a brain that is trying to justify why it approved the idea to spend $100 on headphones? :slight_smile:

If your average Joe is at Best Buy and drops $1500 on a new giant TV, I tihnk it’s probably a pretty easy sale to get it to throw in $100 worth of cabling. Also, I remember that Circuit City literally didn’t carry any cables other than Monster, so it looked very much like you had no choice. It wasn’t like you were staring at $15 and $100. And this was before everyone had internet access on their phone, so it wasn’t a simple task to comparison shop cables.

Sorry CIB. Here you go. It says so right there in the link.

There are definite differences in headphones, though I suppose there’s a point at which everything starts to level off and then it gets into a Monster Cable-style debate. However, there are definite innovations and improvements on higher end headphone brands. Sennheiser, Shure, Etymotic, and other high end brands do indeed make quality stuff. I know with Shure, while the difference between, say, the SE210s, 310s and 420s are primarily performance and range-related, the SE530s have two speakers per ear to separate lows and highs for clearer audio with less distortion and better dynamic range. But the quality of headpones is much easier to measure both mechanically and aurally; those with good ears can definitely tell the difference when one has tepid highs or another has muddy mids, or still another starts distorting above certain volume levels, etc. Even without expensive test equipment, these are easily discerned.

Cables, not no much. Even if ridiculously expensive cables do have qualitatively better builds and contain better materials, the practical difference they make in the end product, if any, is often so small that anyone who claims they can tell is fooling themselves.

That’s not how I think. I would be more like “I’m plopping down 1500 for the TV AND I gotta skip another child support payment to make it actually look good!?”