How does the Death Pool work?

If you are among the ones making good picks prepare for your family to ghoulishly ask you aloud:

“Was that one in your list?”

Don’t forget that there are several players who are becoming steadily convinced that their list grants the gift of immortality. Our game successfully kept Pope John Paul II alive for several years and is even now propping up the likes of Ariel Sharon, Elizabeth Taylor and Fidel Castro.

The look is even worse when you joyfully shout, “Woo hoo, they were on my list!”

Don’t forget Keith Richards.

And Amy Winehouse.

Anyone who picks Keith Richards in a deathpool isn’t taking it seriously.

I pick him every year, at least as an alternate. He seriously can’t keep going forever. He’s not supernatural, after all. He can’t be.

Yeah, I just put him in as an alternate for the first time.

This year I’ve finally gotten off the Sharon/Castro bandwagon. I figure they aren’t worth that many points anyway.

But I’m still hoping for Amy Winehouse to crash and burn.

BoyoJim is silly goofball! Ha! :smiley:

Right. And I receive compliments about that all the time.
And complaints! Ha! :slight_smile:

I had to eliminate four players from my 2010 list because they didn’t even have the decency to last through 2009. That made me sad.

I had two – A Kyrgystani reporter who was beaten into a coma at the beginning of December and died within a few days; and a 36 year old wrestler who had a heart attack and was found not breathing. Damn damn, those were some serious points of they made it a couple more weeks.

It will amaze you how inconsiderate celebs can be. Some times I think they don’t even care about death pools.

Farrah Fawcett in particular – “I want to live”. Wah wah wah – don’t we all, honey.