How hard would it be to stab yourself to death?


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if you are determined enough and or high/crazy enough then I dont really see it being that much of a problem. the problem would be being that determined or high in the first place.

Yes. The man was depressed. Probably the heroin wasn’t helping matters.

I’ve heard (from an EMS worker) that this type of suicide also fails because people cut *across *the wrists, rather than down the length of the blood vessels. Is this true?

It would be very difficult. The reason being is that the person has decided that there are no more links to life and that death is the only solution. It would be difficult because the victim would have to decide that this course of action would be the only acceptable solution.

It would also mean that the victim had no one to contact to get a sounding board. The victim would have to believe that not a single poster to this board would respond to a PM.

Of course, if this is all hypothetical, then disregard the post.

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There was a freak accident perhaps a month ago in Anderson when a father was making lunch for his two young sons and cutting noodles in a pan with a steak knife. He burned himself, jerked back, and stabbed himself in the heart. He died on the phone with 911, with the little boys still there.

Also, in the recent case with the missing couple from Atlanta at Hilton Head, the suspect financial guy sliced his femoral artery and also stabbed himself in the chest a couple times. There was some suspicion of foul play in the newspaper because of that (it’s kind of a weird way to kill yourself) but I never heard any more about it, so one assumes it was legit.

A friend is visiting (from Beaverton, Oregon – haven’t seen him for 15 years!) . I don’t know how we got to the subject, but he told me about a friend who killed himself by cutting his throat. The medical examiner said it took at least three tries, three deep cuts.

If we are including throat slashing, let’s not forget SNL’sCharles Rocket. I wonder if after he did it he said “Fuck”

What about a deep slice in the inner thigh to the femoral artery and vein ? I have read (sorry, forgot the source) that this can cause you to bleed to death in under 2 minutes.

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Yeah, what was that all about? I’ve never heard a reference to an anatomical “breastplate”.

(not killing myself, just academic)

Apparently, the pain was often unbearable, and not many were able to do much of the ritual. From what I’ve read, a surface cut on the abdomen was sufficient before the second was allowed to lop off the head.

If you manage to hit it, it can be fatal.

But it’s a deep target, most folks don’t have the will to stab themselves that deeply, nor the will to keep fishing around for the right structures if they don’t get it on the first thrust, nor is it a sure thing that you’ll die if you it hit (but it’d be the way to bet).

Now, if someone else is committed to severing your femoral artery and vein with a sharp knife, then you’re in some serious trouble!

In later times, when seppuku was more a method of execution than anything else, a fan was sometimes used instead of a sword.

Amateur seppuku?
Are we to infer there are professionals??!! :eek:

Whatever they’re paid, it’s not enough.

Well, I doubt anyone ever listed seppuku artist as a profession. However, back when this practice was a bit more common, people who were likely to run in a situation where it might be needed to slice yourself up did train in the proper way to do it.

(I’ve always wanted to say this)
The Master Speaks

There have been questions to how common seppuku was, either professionally or not. If a person were sick, then they weren’t expected to perform the ceremony. Some people managed to be sick for quite some time, which then effectively became a house arrest.

As my mother used to say, if you’re sick enough you can’t go to school, then you’re sick enough you can’t go out and play.

Actually, it’s esophageal pain, and it’s not called that because people don’t know where their hearts are, it’s called that because the nerves in the viscera are pretty bad at localizing pain. So the pain can be referred to other areas, including the cardiac region.

Actually since at least 1000 BCE.