How has President Trump pissed you off today?

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Agreed. Having read the case filing (thanks, Great_Antibob) the complaint seem to be mainly about a) some sort of issue with an automated signature-matching machine; b) vague-described irregularities with electronic ballot-casting devices; and c) again vague accusations that Native Americans were being bribed to vote for Biden. As far as I can tell, the electors had nothing whatsoever to do with any of these issues, so it would seem that even if the plaintiffs have some sort of case, they’ve named the wrong defendants.

A few days ago Biden was asked about his exclusion from daily security briefings and he wasn’t concerned at all. He pointed out that it wouldn’t matter because he can’t do anything about any of it as there is only one president at a time. Also, I suspect he’s getting all the information he needs through back channels, and his experience and connections will make up for anything missed. Trump’s crew has nothing to contribute anyway.

From my post on this thread:

Number six:

Finally, Biden absorbs rather than magnifies chaos and conflict.

IOW he doesn’t take the bait.

I love the Bolton quote near the end. You’ve got to hand it to the guy - he knows how to craft a soundbite.

That fucker will receive taxpayer-funded office space, pension, health care, physical protection, and probably other goodies for the rest of his worthless life. All for spending 4 years tearing the country apart.

Please tell me that Melania and the children will not get lifetime Secret Service protection too. Please tell me not. I couldn’t find much about it. Seems that children of former presidents do not get Secret Service after age 16 so hopefully that rules out the adult grifter children, in-laws, and grandchildren.

Correct. It’s lifetime protection for former presidents and spouses.

So if his parasites offspring want protection after pop-pop is incarcerated, they need to hang out with Melania. Hopefully, in Slovenia.

We all know the Trump campaign is suing individual electors in Nevada, right?

Turns out one of them is a homeless veteran. Trump and his campaign have absolutely no class, no morals, no ethics, and no sense of common decency.

Do Ivana and Marla get Secret Service protection?

No. For more, see: