How has President Trump pissed you off today?

:notes: We’ve only just begun…to win.
Big lies and promises, a kick in the rump and he’s on his way.:notes:

Awww… that song was very popular the year I got married (the first time).

The California state Capitol is putting up a chain link fence around the grounds.


NOW that he has been impeached, ONLY now, has he started saying the sort of conciliatory and even-handed things that the leader of a country should say to try to calm down the mood of the public after a major socio-politic upheaval. It’s almost like, only at the point where Pelosi’s gavel smacked down, did it occur to him to lamely try to start covering his ass.

It’s stupid to be annoyed by this little detail, against the backdrop of the majestic shitstorm he has brought about, but I am annoyed. It just further underlines how utterly self-obsessed and one-dimensional CFSG really is

I’m 100% positive (1) someone else wrote that stuff, (2) he is saying it under duress, and (3) he is furious at having to do it and is already plotting his revenge.

Not at all. I agree with you completely.

Not sure if this has already been discussed here, but will this thread close at 12:00 EST on January 20? I mean, after that we will need a new thread, hopefully mercifully brief, called “How has Ex-President Loser Trump pissed you off today?”.

I suppose we could finish it off with a group countdown

Frankly, after the November election I would have been satisfied had he Tweeted a tantrum ending with, “And you’re not going to have Trump to kick around any more,” and retreated to one of his golf courses until January 20th (bonus if he was a no show).

Instead we get him and his toadies braying about how he couldn’t possibly have lost and the election was rigged for two solid months and sixty-odd cases lost in court climaxing with the American Coup. That part I’m pretty tired of.

I tried to anticipate our needs:

And if he thinks it will help, he’s stupider than he looks. You can’t shoot somebody on the 6th and then post a video on the 7th saying “murder is bad, m’kay?” and think that’s an air-tight defense.


Yes, thanks. I hope and expect to be considerably less stressed in posting there.

I’m looking forward to the day that, in my mind at least, this’ll morph into “How has What’s-His-Name pissed you off today?”

(No, really, there was this guy… looked like a Cheesy Poof… nah, don’t remember, it’s getting hazy, like a bad dream…)

Boo freakin’ hoo. He’s only got himself to blame:

Not sure what he’s upset about. Nixon was a much better President than the CFSG. He should take the compliment.


From the article:

Tip: if you want your Veep to pardon you, don’t send an angry mob after him, his wife and daughter, chanting “Hang Mike Pence! Hang Mike Pence!”

It creates a slight chill in the relationship.

Tip#2: Don’t pressure your Veep that he has to cheat an election for you, by telling him he’s “…either a Patriot or a pu**y.”

That may also, somehow, damage the relationship, a little.

It would be interesting to be a Fly on the Hea… Uh, wall in the Pence household right now.

In addition to the above, the only way your (current) Vice President can pardon you is if you freakin’ resign before your term is up. As long as he’s Vice President, he can’t do squat for you.