How has the disgraced, CONVICTED FELON, former President Trump pissed you off today?

Why would Trump want to put Mitch McConnell on trial? He was one of his biggest enablers. He literally handed two Supreme Court justices to him on a silver platter.

Mitch voluntarily gave up his power. That’s A) a mortal sin, and B) it gives the GQP the ability to claim they are not persecuting people based on a political agenda. “See? We lynched the old white GOP dude too!”

I couldn’t believe how unaware Trump is of presidential succession when he suggested this week that anyone in the US govt could have displaced Biden. He still thinks it easy to bring the amendment into play. I imagine Woodrow Wilson’s contemporaries would have attested to difficulty of succession. I don’t think it’s gotten easier during the last hundred years.

Donald Trump is a polymath of ignorance. He’s an idiot in many fields. Some might say a true Renaissance Man.

A polyclot.



More like a Dark Ages Guy.

Bronzer… err, bronz age man.

Except, 25A was ratified about half a century after the Wilson thing.

Thank you eschereal! It was interesting to read tonight about how the amendment came about. Some of the presidents sure were obsessed. I’d heard of Wilson, Eisenhower and Kennedy hiding their medical problems but never about Cleveland’s hiding his cancer. If I were having that kind of problem, I would quit so fast.

When I was in grade school, I actually learned about it from an episode of one of my favourite TV series of the era - The Great Adventure.

It’s episode I-21 as listed here.

There was a book about it, not too long ago.

But I still don’t want to hear any more about Grover Cleveland, at least through Jan. 20!

Personally I am hoping to hear the phrase “Grover Cleveland remains…” starting in early to mid-November or thereabouts.

OK, that would be fine.

Thinking of Grover Cleveland and his staggered second term always makes me think of The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band by Disney. Reading through the wiki article, I discovered that Cleveland was a Democrat. I hadn’t noted that before.

He was the only President named Steve.

Well, that’s just unacceptable.

I’m surprised to see that I’m the first person to ask/answer, “How . . . has he pissed me off today?”

Is it against the rules here to lament the survivor of an attempted murder?

That’s probably skating close to the edge.