How has the disgraced former President Trump pissed you off today?

I’m going to claim that all of the misspellings in my post were done with purposeful irony in order to mock Trump. Yup that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Let’s covfefe about that.


Individual 1 says we shouldn’t let Haitian immigrants into the country because they probably have AIDS.

There’s our good little racist in chief.
(Racists: “But Haitian isn’t a race!” Fuck off, racist.)

Lack of long term memory. His racist rants are actually OLD racist rants, dating back to 1982.

He is experiencing Anterograde amnesia - possibly brought on by a stroke.

Don’t tease like that…

Maybe it’s Long Covid.

It’d serve him right.

He’s still alive. The Best Cat in the World is still dead. I never thought I’d hate a human so much that I’d trade their life for a cat, but here I am and I actually hate him even more for turning me into such a person.

I would also trade his life for the life of your cat.

Me, too. No question.

I’d even go rhyming and trade it for the life of a rat or a wombat. Especially a wombat.

If trade his life for a dead cat.

Donald trump is so bad that
I would trade his life for a cat.
A cat? Say what? How about a bat?
I would trade it for a rat.
Rats! Bats! Cats! A wombat?
This evil spawn that Satan begat
Isn’t worth a buzzing gnat.
An expat dead rat that died flat
Is better than a living fat

I’d trade his life for a dead rat and a string to swing it with.

Right. I’d trade his life for the half-eaten mouse one of the neighborhood cats left on the porch last month.

You’re new to this kite thing, aren’t you? :grin:

Yep, I’m in the midst of this right now. My young cat has melanoma which has metastasized. She’s been through several rounds of chemo, which didn’t work, and the oncologist just told me there are no more options. I would absolutely trade his life for hers in half a heartbeat. She’s a much, much better person than he could ever hope to be.

I am so so sorry. My heart is breaking for you. :cry: