How has the disgraced former President Trump pissed you off today?

You go, girl!

What does this mean? He doesn’t want rally attendees to do the salute because people said it was creepy?

He does not want it to undercut his message of:

One People, One Realm, One Leader!

Too much criticism, I guess.

Hillary doesn’t like the salute. Doesn’t that mean they HAVE to do it?

She does not know how to play poker.
The move here was to check-raise. Say something bad about the salute.
Then the ‘Look at the MAGAites perfectly aping the Nazi salute.’ all-in after the turn.
She went all-in after the flop and it’ll probably chase everyone off the pot.

So this happened:

Donald Trump shares Truth Social photo proclaiming him as second only to Jesus


And for anybody who was wondering? I posted this with a totally straight face.

I wasn’t really a fan before, but … now that he mentions it …

:rolling my fucking eyes:

Pretty much confirms to me he’s working on an insanity defense.

I’m not going to ask which of the two men you’re talking about.

I’m not.

I’m just … not.


Very possibly that criticism came from the RNC, which has leverage over Trump: they’re paying his legal bills…and can stop.

The existence of numerous photos of Trump rally-goers doing what looks very much like a “Sieg Heil” salute may bring out a small number of longing-for-Hitler voters—but has the potential to absolutely tank Republican chances among millions of less-radical right-leaning voters.

My guess is that Rona Romney Whateverhernameis laid down the law to Donald: ‘no more photos, or we stop paying your bills.’

Trump decides, at a rally, that we have to “keep our country gay:”

ETA: What he said doesn’t piss me off. That he can still draw any kind of crowd (or breath), OTOH, …

You know me too well. :wink:

Donnie Junior said the country wants his daddy as the little mermaid.

The mind boggles. Again.

I’m sure it was an attempt at reductio ad absurdum, though that only works if people think that a mermaid can’t be Black. (Because all real life mermaids are white?)

If you’re not a racist though, that joke doesn’t land.

One caveat though… Trump as a mermaid does make sense if you consider that after the NY AG sues him into oblivion, he’ll be underwater. In that sense I’m sure many people do want to see him as a mermaid.

With cement shoes instead of a tail?

Look at this stuff
Isn’t it neat?
This is a real solid gold toilet seat!
Everyone knows I’m the one
The one who has everything!

Rudy Giuliani could make a great Sebastian the Crab.

In the White House
In the White House
They won’t impeach you
So I beseech you
Don’t be a mouse
Out on your own you’ll surely fail
The DOJ throw you in jail
So we’re promotin’
Fraudulent votin’
From the White House

There you see her
Mindin’ her own bus-i-ness
You don’t got to have no stress
‘Cos you know you’re famous
So you don’t say “please,” you just reach ‘tween her knees
And then you grab the girl.

Anybody want to try Poor Unfortunate Souls?

:joy: I truly love you people.