How has the disgraced former President Trump pissed you off today?

Sure you have. It’s the same way you’d smuggle dirt from tunnels out of a NAZI concentration camp. They used sewn pocket pouches. You’d use a modified car bathroom nozzle (fitted to your briefs) with a 1’ wide clear rubber hose run down the inseam leg portion of your trousers down to the cuffs.

Once at the grave site, you’ll re-tie your shoe laces and pull the small cork out of the bottom of the tube (by the cuffs). From there, make what holy gestures you need to by his grave stone ( you might buy more time if you have someone with you taking pictures).

At that point, just think of Niagara Falls, let go of all of your inhibitions, and do it all while looking up and mouthing the words, " Thank you, God…!"

He’s trying to get permission to be buried at his Bedminster golf club, but Bedminster doesn’t want any part of that.

It’s a moot point anyway: should he ever die, the universe would collapse since it only exists to serve him and reflect/amplify his glory.

I can see it now… various cemeteries and clubs and parks and others all witholding permission to bury the Trump corpse. Meanwhile it just rots and is continually wheeled from place to place by some MAGAts begging for a location to inter it. Until finally they just toss it in a ditch full of wastewater and toxic chemicals.

I think it should be shot into outer space. Not into orbit or anything, just into space to keep going and going…

Does that put me up to bat to water his gave…?

(For the work this will take, I should put up a GoFundMe for a Case of Bourbon… )

Or maybe they will just leave it to rot aboard that defunct rotting jet plane of his that’s wasting away in a back lot at some remote forgotten airport somewhere.

Article with lots of pics:

Perfect. Just jam his corpse into the washroom and push the plane into a lonely field.

Is the Long Island Garbage Barge still around?

Seems like kind of an awful thing to do to garbage.

It’s an awful thing to do to an aircraft.

I noticed you referred to him as “it” and not “he.”

Well, I was referring to his corpse.

I’d pitch in on minimal repairs and a quarter-tank of aircraft fuel.

Then we’d wheel him aboard, set the autopilot for “Plummeting Into The Bermuda Triangle”…and thousands of people would gather on the shore to wave goodbye.

And sing “Tiny Hands”. And drink Scotch (courtesy of the Scots who wouldn’t let his body anywhere near their pristine country). Oh, and dance like he claimed to see Muslims doing on 9/11.

I did too, a few posts above. (". . . just leave it to rot aboard that defunct rotting jet plane of his. . . ") I would not have thought to use a gendered 3rd-person pronoun to refer to a corpse. To me, a corpse is an “it”. (ETA: GMTA.)

I plan to piss and dance on Chump’s grave, simultaneously.

Bring a dry set of clothes to change into.

I myself would just expectorate, piss, dump, puke and prolapse over his welcome mat.
Uncomfortably. < (heh caught my typo of that second “o” accidentally being an “a”)

Dress as a priest, Pastafarian would work, and carry a bottle labeled “holy water”. Sprinkle, go back for more.


Dang, Bob, y’got me! Great minds, eh?