How has the disgraced former President Trump pissed you off today?

Picky, picky…besides, over his grave, it would count as decent exposure.


Perhaps an eternal flame? Fed by the fuel from his body fat. Maybe not eternal, but pretty close.

He was an awful thing to do to a country…!

Maybe once it’s airborne and deep w/i the middle of the south Atlantic, it could purge itself with a “blue ice ejection”…?

“… and in other news, scientists are still at loss to explain this week’s wave of dead fish off of the Atlantic coast of Argentina… or the strange toxic orange sludge found around their mouths…”

Like that tire fire in The Simpsons.

Well, he was mentioned as having been President on The Simpsons long before it actually happened…

Come on, this is the SDMB. We are better than this.

I suggest a Helicopter air drop

I wonder if Danny Glover is available? Operation Dumbo Drop II: Electric Boogaloo.

Which brings Arthur Carlson’s plaintive and immortal “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly” to mind.

“As God is my witness, I knew Donald couldn’t fly.”

If there’s a crowd, he’ll just brag about how big it is.

All this is perfectly sensible and proper.

But with Donald, we have that rare occurrence in the annals of history: an individual who, due to his lifetime of words and actions, has earned “it” status while he is still alive.

I believe it’s, “…anals of history…”


Too bad that isn’t real.

Too bad for you that wasn’t “scratch and sniff”.

For me? Hardly. For Trump supporters though, they’d eat it up.

Snort it up,


I’ll stick with “annals,” though obviously the one-n term will always bring up thoughts of Donald.

Individual 1 decided to use Colin Powell’s death to attack him.

I hope I live long enough to find out how the media handle Donald’s death.