How has the disgraced former President Trump pissed you off today?

Ah, I see. Thanks.

Slightly OT, but I have been making the argument that his acceptance of the presidential pension constitutes an admission of defeat.

Eh. Trump will always happily take others’ money without conceding it has any significance other than making him wealthier.

Conservative writer confirms that not only is Individual 1 planning on being made President in August, but he thinks two Democratic Senators will be replaced by the Republicans they defeated.

Individual 1 looks like he was wearing his pants backwards at the North Carolina rally today.

Damn you! I just spent a minute looking at the SOB’s crotch.

I admire your intestinal fortitude.

Well, what’s the verdict? Don’t make me look. I’m old and frail.

I’m gonna say he’s doing that old man thing where he hikes his pants up to put the waist around his armpits, and his fly ends up over his navel. That coupled with the extra long tie covers the fly in his trousers.

Myself, some sort of elasticized pants with a diaper. Looks pretty weird. Noticing the wrinkles on is upper legs, it does kind of look like pants on backwards (hope to never know from experience).

And frankly, I doubt Trump has the dexterity or ability at all to put his pants on backwards. Under ware on his head I’m sure he could do.

I could have compassion for him if he wasn’t a devious, deceitful, criminal, treasonous, asshole. But he won that de-merit badge years ago, and proudly displays it every chance he gets.

More on his #$%^&! lie-filled rally:

Speaker Trump? Bleccccccch.

Trump, during a February 2020 meeting in the Situation Room as administration officials were discussing whether to bring infected Americans home for care, reportedly asked the attendees “Don’t we have an island that we own?” and “What about Guantánamo?”…

I’m adding the direct link to the NYT article referenced by HuffPo in Johnny_LA’s post because y’all have just got to see the artwork thumbnail that comes with it. If you can access the link without being paywalled, you’ll get the, ah, full effect (you can also see a smaller version if you click Johnny’s link):

And then there’s this:

Appalling, as so often from 2017-21, but not surprising:

Do not, and I mean do not ever, tell me that cretin who disgraced the Oval Office supports police. The only way I see for this news to be read is “#45 tries to get hero US Capitol Police officer murdered”. Here’s the beginning of the article:

Former President Donald Trump said protesters from the Jan. 6 Capitol riot are being treated “unbelievably unfairly” in comparison with antifa and claimed he knows who shot Ashli Babbitt.

A U.S. Capitol Police officer shot and killed Babbitt, a 35-year-old Air Force veteran and Trump supporter, as she tried to climb through a broken door inside the building.

“People are being treated unbelievably unfairly when you look at people in prison, and nothing happens to antifa, and they burn down cities and killed people,” Trump said Wednesday during a press conference announcing a class-action lawsuit against Facebook and Twitter. “There were no guns in the Capitol … except for the gun that shot Ashli Babbitt, and nobody knows who that man were [sic].”

“If that were the opposite way, that man would be all over — he would be the most well-known — and I believe I can say ‘man’ because I believe I know exactly who it is — but he would be the most well-known person in this country, in the world,” Trump added.

Of course, this is feeding off of this news:

Conservatives post the name of Ashli Babbitt’s alleged shooter on social media after Trump invokes Capitol rioter

The Republican Party needs to be banned as a terrorist organization.

Great sense of proportionality there, Mr. President:

If Chump didn’t exist, Monty Python would have to invent him.