How has the disgraced former President Trump pissed you off today?

You mean it’s actually working?

He’s always been unhinged, but is that mothers day one even worse than the old days? Racist leftist unfair judges and prosecutors? Oh my.

That’s unhinged by normal human standards.

But it’s surprisingly coherent by typical CFSG standards. One heavily suspects it was written (or perhaps re-written) by a staffer off material intended for a rally.

Ah yes, The Abominable Snowflake, doing his abominable snowflaking.

I suppose this was his version of the medieval practice of digging up a heretic’s body so it could be burned.

I just knew that he wanted some sort of lese majeste protection.

What’s interesting about his Mother’s Day message is that he’s not lashing out at any of his political enemies. No, this rant is all about the criminal justice system: prosecutors and judges. It shows what’s on top of his “mind” these days.

hee hee…

Is Goad News a good news source? I hadn’t heard of it before.

That greasy bile-colored rat’s nest?

Here’s the story from TPM a few days ago.

First time I’ve used it - not quite sure of its leaning, actually. Very odd, spartan lay-out, verging on sketchy, to be sure. Apparently from France? The “politics” section has these articles that I can only call…um, “wispy”?
Yeah, quite likely I won’t be going back to this source again, actually.

Doesn’t really matter. Mark Yesper was on all the news talk shows discussing this assertion made in his book, which is from whence the information originally came. So from the horse’s ass mouth, so to speak.

Aside from the “Sport” section, the About Us page is not very promising.

Our goal is to cover in depth all the events of politics, economy, , Fashion, health and lifestyle.

If you have any inquiry or special request regarding our site, or what the editors do with the site, you can contact us via the form or by phone from the following data.

Let’s contact them via the form…

[contact-form-7 404 “Not Found”]

Never mind then. But we can be rest assured that they know what they are doing, because…

Goad News is presented to you by a team of experienced professionals who have several years of experience in information about new technologies in both digital and paper format.

As to why the site is badly-written:

Not all news on the site expresses the point of view of the site, but we transmit this news automatically and translate it through programmatic technology on the site and not from a human editor.

Top notch stuff.

Also - Odd, lazy, lost-in-space repetition of stories.
Cute header - “Sport”.
Other quirks.
Yep, as previously stated, not traversing that plain any time soon.

It’s actually a mighty shame the twerp didn’t manage to convene a court-martial. The admiral’s defense team would certainly have called on “the abominable snowflake” (Thanks for that term; I love it!) and then TASF would certainly have gone off the rails while on the witness stand.

It pisses me off to no end that news organizations give these people an opportunity to publicize their books. These after-the-fact book writers don’t give a shit about the country. If they did, they would have told what they knew at the time. We don’t really need to hear more horror stories about Trump. Anyone who doesn’t already know what a piece of shit he is doesn’t care. It’s a waste of time and incredibly dishonest to let them be in the spotlight, trying to pretend they were decent people. Fuck every single one of them and shame on the news organizations for enabling them.


But if the news happens to be on while I’m working and the fucker is yapping away, it’s hard to not notice what he’s saying.

I will mention that Esper was challenged by the interviewer on the very points you’re making and was not characterized as a decent person. I had the sound off so was only vaguely aware of what was being said, but Esper did look flustered.

I only chimed in here to note that the assertions made by Goad News were being carried more widely by reputable news organizations, so there was no real reason to doubt their veracity.

I’m sure you know, but to be clear, my post was not in any way directed toward you. Esper has been everywhere and each time I see it mentioned, my anger about the Trump book writers gets enflamed. I am glad to know that some are at least challenging him.

I do know, and I feel exactly the same. That’s why I keep the sound off. I can’t stand to listen to these assholes bloviate.

Better they’d spoken truth to power while in office, and made a big splash by resigning in disgust, than remaining silent until it was time to go on a book tour.