How have you decorated your cubicle/office?

Whatever you do, don’t give her a poster of toddlers playing musical instruments.

My only personal decoration is a Heifer International calendar and a small printout of “CHANGE” at So a nice useful object like a calendar or fun post-its or something. A small plant is nice too.

I don’t like looking at it. It’s creepy, and in bad taste, and it’s just offensive to me. It makes me think of the horrible, frigid stage mothers who forced the babies into it. It’s kitsch. It’s the opposite of art. It destroys art. It destroys souls. This is so much more offensive to me than hardcore porno.”

I’ll make it into a T-shirt for you so you don’t have to look at it.

My cubicle is guarded by a paper star destroyer, AT-ST, and (badly damaged) AT-AT built from free plans on this site. They’re not the ideal decorations for everyone though, as assembly takes a long time and they project a certain geeky image which might not be desirable in all professions.

The outer wall of my current office is glass - so I use colored glass and my Bonsai Contingent.

That’s a big fuckin’ cube, dude. You musta been Mr. Big Shot!

I had a dart gun in my cube and I would photoshop/print out sweet pictures to cheer up/pick on folks.

Pix from my travels: Glacier NP, Death Valley, Año Nuevo, Red Rock Canyon, Olympic NP, Yosemite, Zion, two photos of The Who ( '80 and '06 versions), Promo poster from Floyd’s “Pulse” DVD, mini-CD from Nick Lowe’s “The Convincer”, rubber “the best safety tool” squeezy-brain, origami swan, 1984 Life Magazine (with The Beatles on the cover), two smiley-face hors-d’œuvre pick-thingies. Thats it, I think…