How is genocide defined, with an emphasis on cultural genocide?

Ahh, almost like you’re saying “not all bad things that happen are genocide.” Interesting you can only apply that logic within the borders of your own country.

I dunno, you’re sharing your stupid and unwelcome opinions on my country and Canada, so obviously national borders don’t govern what you feel that you are an expert on.

Well, I’m here, and Africa is a country, didn’t you know?

It can not be ignored, you pointed at the definition when it was not my point, so I have to say then that my point stands. You do rely on ignorance to reply on this issue. And yeah, it is not about the definition, but as I pointed it is an aspect of genocide that it can not be ignored, no matter how much you tell yourself it should be ignored.

What it can be safely ignored then is your ignorant twisting opinion.

You are a lying racist and/or Nazi enabler.

I also will note based on the rates of sexual violence in South Africa you are more likely than the average board member to be a rapist.

“A thread about the definition of genocide isn’t about the definition of genocide.”

Probably time to go lay down and/or take your meds grandpa, you’ve lost the thread.

I can already imagine the shrieking and racist allegations against me from this, so I will note this is based on the following data set:

Countries Compared by Crime > Rape rate. International Statistics at

I am not saying MrDibble is a rapist, I am saying he is a racist and a Nazi enabler. I am also concurrently saying that due to the rape epidemic in South Africa, he is statistically more likely than the average board member to be a rapist.

Tell me, Martin, do these men of straw actually speak to you?

Well, if you’d only stop all that genociding, I wouldn’t have to.

I know quite a bit about Zimbabwe. But it’s irrelevant to this thread.

“stupid and unwelcome” to a racist pig like you is not exactly a discouragement, you know.

Aah, I guess I got the tone right, since you clearly recognized yourself in that bit of parody…

No more likely than you are to be a sister-fucker, I guess.

But naah, I only know rape from the other side, mate.

You’ve been harvesting fields of strawmen you’ve deployed against me for this entire thread, so the pure irony of this response is high comedy.

Do you remember about you not being capable of having rational thoughts? You really do think that others will just ignore that I was not referring to definitions when I was talking about your stupid and insulting way that you pretended to know why we could dismiss the forced sterilizations of minorities? It was an ignorant bit to declare that it can be dismissed because whites were also targeted if they had mental issues. The point that stands still is that you are an insulting ignorant for replying that way.

And as for the definition, it is you the one that shows to all that you lost it, I found evidence that shows that you were also an ignorant about declaring forced sterilizations as not being included as an item to identify genocide.

Now your dig here only demonstrates you as being disingenuous. It is really stupid to invent a limit on a discussion, I can discuss your ignorant insulting ways about how you reply to a native American, while at the same time I can then come into the original discussion showing how you are are an ignoramus also about the main issue.

  1. You keep insisting it isn’t about definitions. I literally told you after your first post–this thread is about the definition of genocide. I do not care about your opinions on other shit, you can start another thread if you want to talk about an entirely different topic, and maybe I’ll care about this topic. But this thread is about the definition of genocide, if you are proffering something that has nothing to do with that, as I said–I am not interested.

  2. No one ever said that forced sterilizations cannot be genocide. Killing can also be genocide. Is all killing genocide? No, it is not. Is all forced sterilization genocide? No, it is not.

  3. “Invent a limit on discussion” is called a thread topic. You may not know where you are–you’re on a message board, threads have topics. I didn’t start this thread FWIW, I’m just choosing to respect the topic.

Full stop here, indeed you are not the OP. I was dealing with the definition later, I looked second at the attempt at identifying genocide. Regardless if you responded in a stupid way to a native American by minimizing why they were targets of forced sterilizations or about failing to take forced sterilizations as part of what genocide can be, you do respond with lots of ignorance.

Just saying.

Here’s a helpful hint. The more time you spend trying to find the line, the more the line moves in your direction. Dial it way the fuck back.

No warning issued. Yet.

Its amusing and horrifying at the same time that board members flagellate themselves about so-called cultural genocide that happened decades ago when they happily turn a blind eye to cultural genocide that is happening at this moment. The government of China is trying to destroy the culture and religion of the Uyghur people in the far western province of Xinyiang.

Are we organizing boycotts of Chinese products and demanding disinvestment? Are we demanding that our governments isolate the PRC the same way that we isolated South Africa?

Well, no. That would require actual effort and it could result in risk. We tolerate (rightly so) a poster here who spouts the PRC party line while masking themself as a normal poster. It also strokes our egos for thinking that we are right thinking and progressive but it does nothing to fight the evils that are occurring right now under our noses.

If the actions of the Canadian government were an actual genocide then the current actions of the Chinese government are a superduper genocide.

More amusing is that you missed that on the Critical Race Theory treads I pointed at CRT scholars also looking at that and condemning China’s authorities behavior towards the Uighurs.

More amusement: the right-winger governors in some states just ignored what Critical Race Theory is doing regarding the abuses in China when they decided to ban CRT and similar teaching in high schools and universities. Meaning that also the teaching of what you complain here is banned too in several red states.

Aah, another denialist.

And I wonder if there’s even the slightest distinction in your mind between a genocide your own society commits versus one another society does?

Well, yes, actually. There are many active movements to hold the PRC accountable.

You are such an obvious troll.

Words have specific meaning. A genocide is a state sponsored action to murder every single individual of a specific group. While the actions of the Canadian government and the Catholic Church were an attempt to forcibly assimilate Native children there was no attempt to intentionally murder them or their parents. Your attempts to link this to actual genocide is wrongheaded and intellectually lazy.

I disagree, but let’s pretend you’re right…

That’s not the meaning of genocide. It’s not the meaning the inventor of the word intended, it’s not how the international community defines it, it’s not how the victims understand it, it’s not the definition most historians and sociologists use.

It’s a definition that only serves denialists of particular genocides. It has a meaning, that it conveys very clearly : “I am desperately flailing for any excuse not to own up to what was done here”

So you continue to show you are a denialist.

You make many claims yet present no supporting evidence. Your a good troll but not yet a great one. Keep practicing the dark art.

So, are you saying that Hitler just chose the wrong way to solve the ‘’‘Jewish Problem’’’?

We can all read the Wiki on genocide, which has already been linked in this thread.

Not that I think you’ve actually read this thread. You just smelled that a racist chum was shitting himself in public, and decided you wanted some of that action for yourself.

That’s bait.

And that’s hardly subtle, when coming from an obvious racist.