How long do suicidal people wait before jumping off bridges?

I once walked halfway across the bridge; for all I know the CHP watched every move I made. I took a picture of San Francisco before I walked back. (There is a strong local belief that suicides jump from the east side–where I was standing–so they can take one last look at the city before they jump. :frowning: )

Yep, that’s the guy. He kinda had a rock-star attitude about him, as I remember.

Most jumpers will actually climb over the railing or look as if they’re about to do so, which are the ones the filmmakers would call the cops on. The rock-star guy caught everyone off guard because nobody suspected he was even thinking about jumping, when clearly, he was.

This one’s a mix of urban legend and confirmation bias…mainly because there’s no sidewalk on the bridge’s ocean side.

I didn’t know that.

There is a sidewalk on the ocean side, but it’s restricted to bikes only.

A guy was driving down the middle of a road, straddling the white line. A cop pulled him over and asked, “Do you know what that white line is for?”