How many countries can you name?

Spelling killed me. I got to the 'stans and couldn’t get any of them except Kazakhstan. I got 110 then ran out of time. Philippines ate up about a minute too. I was bound and determined to get that one but I kept screwing up the correct number of P’s and L’s then when I had it I’d throw in an extra i or something by accident to totally mess with my head. It was a mess and probably something funny to watch on video.

I got 93 by the numbers - but I was making little marks on a piece of paper for ones I tried two alternate spellings for and couldn’t come up with the correct one either time, so my real total (adjusting for my inability to fail to spell former Soviet Republics and small European nations correctly) is more like 128.

I got 103. (I’m counting “Bosnia” as I tried every variation [Bosnia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bosnia i Hercegovina, etc] but failed to figure they wanted “Bosnia and Herzegovina”). The most obvious ones my brain crapped out on are: Ethiopia, North and South Korea, Syria, and Thailand.

I got 101. Should be higher; I got hung up on some of the spellings too.

I’m surprised at some that I just plain forgot. Kuwait? Saudi Arabia? Somalia? It’s not as if these places never made the news. But for some reason, I completely forgot about them.

I was so proud of myself for not screwing up the link that basic arithmetic failed me. And I was surrounded by hooligans screaming at Grey’s Anatomy. Apparently the one dumpy-looking fellow (George? I don’t watch the show) and Izzy (Ozzy? Isa? Whatever) [spoiler]hooking up, which was obviously going to happen (even to me, who, as I said, doesn’t watch the show) was completely shocking and has ruined the lives of everyone in the room.

And since this storyline was mentioned on, do I really need this spoiler box?[/spoiler]

I got 90, but I’m listening to something and thus distracted. I’ll try again later.

Ones I’m embarrassed to have missed include Belgium, Colombia, Kenya, Portugal, Singapore, etc. etc. etc. I started by going through as much of “Yakko’s World” as I could remember, but it’s been a long time since I had the whole thing memorized and I kept getting lost.

I got 131, and had typed “Banglades” when the clock stopped. I’ll join the chorus of those bemoaning the fact that the program wasn’t more intelligent, as I tried “Bahamas” and “Bahama Islands” before assuming there was a glitch and moving on. I also didn’t get credit for St. Vincent and the Grenadines, despite its inclusion on this page.

I actually did have the full list memorized alphabetically about a year ago. I was doing the dishes, and decided to make the chore less boring by mentally listing the nations of the world, then checking my trusty World Almanac to see which ones I’d missed. I’m confident that had I been allowed today to go at my own pace until I missed, I’d have eventually named virtually all, if not absolutely all, the countries.

I got 138. I kind of blanked on the Caribbean and left some low-hanging fruit there, and I would have had one more but they spell Surinam as Suriname. :confused:

I got 108 and then ran out of time. I should have gone to South America sooner, rather than wasting time trying to spell former USSR republics. Looking at the complete list I reckon I’d have got all but ten or so of them, given time…

I wasted some time adding “the” to several countries, i.e. “the United Kingdom.”

117… Forgot some huge ones like Chilie, The Koreas, The Baltic Trio,

Couldn’t spell Uruguay, Papua New Guinea or Libya

I got 75, but in my defense, my daughter next to me talking. And the sun was in my eyes. An old friend came in from out of town. My tux didn’t come back from the cleaners…
Oh, and BTW, don’t bother trying Sealand, it doesn’t work.

61 here. The timer freaked me out and also I suck at geography.

I was hoping it wasn’t obvious and that they wouldn’t sink to such a low. But I am past being as shocked as your pals were. :slight_smile:

I missed 78.


It’s the main spelling I’m familiar with, and the primary spelling in the dictionary, as well as Wikipedia. Even the official name has the “e”:

Missed 63, 4 of which were for spelling.

Switzerland joined the UN a couple years back. All independent countries in the world are now members, with the exception of Vatican City, which is a permanent observer. (The legal status of Taiwan is still a subject of controversy- UN resolution 2758 states that the Beijing government is the “only lawful representatives of China to the United Nations”, and most nations consider Taiwan to be part of the People’s Republic.)

As a Dutch colony and then a “state in free association with the Kingdom of the Netherlands,” it was Surinam. When they declared full independence, they apparently celebrated it by going whole hog and adding an -e to the country name! :wink:

Gotch. I was born in '75, which apparently is the year of Suriname’s independence, hence it’s the only spelling I’ve really been exposed to.