How much danger am I in running my circular saw backwards?

I had a laminate blade on order but it only just arrived this afternoon. The existing blade has a reasonably small tooth pitch, maybe 1/2". But it does have a sharp rake.

In principle, it feels like the blade exiting the already-cut part should not catch and lift the laminate part. At least that’s what I reasoned by seeing the good quality on the bottom edge. Since I don’t care about the quality there (particularly since it would have been sandwiched between plywood and particleboard), flipping would have been a good solution; it just wasn’t super practical at this point.

I’d kinda wanted a router anyway and it simplifies another part of the project (cutting a hole for cords to pass through), so I figured I’d go that route.

Have you tried switching to a circular blade made for trim and moulding? They’re the ones with the tiny teeth.