How much intelligence does an incumbent President have to share with a President-Elect?

So was a President-Elect simply called a Presidential candidate?

This a a claim that he named an OFFICE that, not that he was the first individual to be called that.


No, a person who is running for the presidency is a presidential candidate.

A presidential candidate becomes the President Elect after s/he becomes the apparent winner on Election Day.

It seems to have become custom for the President Elect to establish an Office of the President Elect to manage transition issues.

The person who is the apparent winner on Election Day remains President Elect until January 20th, until they are sworn in and become President of the United States.

Ok. My misunderstanding. Clear now. Thanks again.

There are numerous news reports that they have had regular discussions since the election.

The day after the election Obama vowed to do everything he could to make the transition smooth and I have heard nothing that makes me think that isn’t exactly what is going on. Obama seems genuinely grateful that Bush did the same for him.

I thought we were talking about things Obama is telling Trump, not vice versa.


The electors cast their ballots in December. The ballots are sealed and delivered to Congress. The new Congress during the first week in January unseals the ballots, counts them and officially announce the results. Barring a tie vote (or the possibility of an insufficient number of electoral votes), Congress then certifies the ballots. At that point, we will all know the winner. On inauguration day the results of the electoral vote are made formal by the new president taking the oath of office.

While the government may share whatever information may be necessary for the incoming president to know, the incoming president has no ability to act upon any of the information presented. Only after the oath is taken does the actual transfer of power occur, and the ability to exercise that power, become available.

I certainly wish Obama would share all of his intelligence with Trump but regrettably, Obama can only provide and offer information.

Full Speech: President Elect Trump Carrier Plant

I’m curious as to how Trump can save 1000 jobs (at least that is the way the press is interpreting it) if he cannot implement policy. Is it simply a case of promising Carrier an incentive/threat once he gets into office or has he actually implemented a measure to help save 1000 jobs at Carrier?

Either that, or it’s an outright fantasy.

it seems Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana had more to do with it

"The incentives came through Mike Pence, who is still governor of Indiana and able to cut the kind of deals that Tankersley puts at the near end of the spectrum:

While terms of the deal are not yet clear, the sources indicated there were new incentives on offer from the state of Indiana, where Pence is governor, that helped clear a path for the agreement.
However, the threat of action at the far end of the spectrum certainly caught the attention of executives at United Technology, too:

While UTX was seeking the savings that would come from moving some production to Mexico, people familiar with the situation indicated that the savings were not worth incurring the wrath of the incoming administration, including the potential threat to the significant business that UTX currently conducts with the U.S. government, largely in the form of orders for jet engines and other defense-related equipment.
Needless to say, that kind of government pressure on the private sector will not have free-market conservatives cheering. If CNBC has this correct, it’s the kind of cronyist, insider-dealing economics that has tilted the field away from start-ups and small businesses, and that has created an overabundance of consolidation in major industries (especially in defense contracting)."

One possibility is, Trump won Carrier over with smooth talk and broad policy promises. This implies a future strategy that mixes the bully pulpit with broad-based policy changes meant to boost investment. He’s going to cut taxes, he’s going to (vaguely) reduce regulation, life will be better, this will be a huge PR win for the company. Carrier changes course, he stops criticizing them, deal made. You could see that scenario repeating a lot.

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Let’s keep the political jabs out of GQ please.

Go back and read your own cite in post #32. Yes, undoubtedly Trump put a lot of pressure on Carrier. But the deal that made them keep jobs - less than half, it should be noted - was a state-applied bribe of tax credits. Every state has done this to keep businesses from leaving (or to attract new businesses) for decades. It is not new policy. It is also contrary to the Trump’s statements on the consequences if businesses leave the country. A bribe is not a consequence. It certainly is excellent political theater. It will be hard to replicate, however. The use of tax credits and other incentives for businesses has been going on so long that backlash has already started in many states. Many people feel that the return has become less than the payments are worth. It may be that the return with Carrier in Indiana is justified. But the process used here is very old news.

I don’t see it as being contrary. He is in no position to put in place any consequences right now. Time will tell if he follows through with that promise, what he will actually be able to do, and how effective it will be. As President-elect he has a bit of a bully pulpit and a governor of Indiana who can offer tax breaks.

Yes, this is the interesting point. The whole world is coming to now or certainly might be after Jan 20 to Trump (and Pence, down the line) hat in hand to a greater or lesser extent, or remembering their past pre-election experiences with those people. But even now, shit just got real for the citizens of Indiana or outside private or public interests for whom a lot of plans for the next few months must be considered differently than before the election.