How much of your salary do you actually see?

I’m technically a part-time worker (even though I work full time hours) so I get 3.3% deducted every month. Medicare is 2%. The government takes a little extra every year, although I’m not sure what their percentage is. I think I probably see around 93-4% of my paycheck in general.

I pay about 20% of my income in taxes, CPP, and EI, 7.5% in retirement savings, and another 4% in other deductions like long term disability and crap like that.

I just got a check yesterday and the net check amount is 64% of my actual earnings. Deductions are the standard federal, social security, medicare, state and state SDI. Plus a little bit for medical, dental, life and dependent medical, dental and life. (the dependent deductions are post-tax) Plus 5% into a savings plan, which is fully matched by my employer.

This check was straight salary, no incentive/commission pay.

I see 100% of my paycheck. As a US expat working in Panama, I am in the fortunate position of not having to pay taxes anywhere. As a foreign resident, I can take the Foreign Income Exclusion on my Federal Income Tax, which happens to be greater than my salary. And because I have semi-diplomatic status in Panama, they don’t charge me income tax either.

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back of the envelope calc puts it at about 72.5%.

This is all very interesting actually.
I’m in the UK, I’m also paying tax at the highest rate (40% on the amount over £37,400), I pay pension contributions, share ownership saving scheme, private medical cover (but I still get the NHS no matter what) and overall I still take home about 67 - 70% of my wages.
It rather gives lie to the simple assertion that US=low tax, Europe=high tax

I take home 88.9% of my income. I actually had $350 in federal income tax withheld last year but got it back. No state income tax. Salaried at $80k. Two kids with stay-at-home partner.

Of course, all the figures mentioned in this thread have only included income taxes. Throw in VATs, sales taxes, etc and the story may change. Also, everybody is quoting their withholdings, but not what kind of tax refund they may expect to get next year.

Personally, I take home about 59% of my gross, but that includes the 13% I am putting in my TSP (401K) account, some amount into the retirement system, and about ~1% into my FSA, which will all be coming back to me at some point or another.

I don’t expect one this year. The value of my SO’s insurance is considered taxable income by the federal government, so that screws any refund.

after taxes: 76.87%

after taxes + insurance: 73.74%

after taxes + insurance + 401k(15%): 58.74%

For 2009

100 % gross pay

  • 24.6 % income tax (*)
  • 1.9 % church tax (Lutheran) (*)
  • 9.4 % statutory pension insurance (**)
  • 5.3 % voluntary private pension insurance
  • 5.9 % statutory medical/dental insurance (**)
  • 0.9 % statutory long time nursing insurance (**)
  • 1.3 % statutory unemployment insurance (**)

50.7 % take-home pay

*: I incur a high tax rate by being well paid and single without children
**: matched by equal payments of my employer

71.8% for me. That includes income tax and a payment of $10/month to the social club. The company pays standard superannuation of 9% but that is on top of my salary so it doesn’t come out of my stated salary.

I’m self employed so I’m not sure how to answer this. I mean, I “see” 100% coming in but then pay estimated taxes throughout the year.

Using my gross income:
Business expenses are 16.5% of that
Federal income taxes are 11.8%
Health insurance for me and 3 kids is 9.1%
Out-of-pocket medical expenses are 8.6%

So… that’s about 54% left over. And I left out State taxes.

  • Federal Income Tax 6.5%
  • Social Security 6.2%
  • Medicare 1.5%
  • State Income Tax 4.9%
  • State Disability 0.5%


Federal Income Tax 10.6%
Social Security 6.2%
Medicare 1.5%
State Income Tax 2.9%
Simple IRA 2%


None. I’m married.

I have no job, so I have no income. Of which I see none. :frowning:

After medical and dental benefits and federal deductions… I see about 99% of my paycheck!

Without figuring in graft/corruption, I’m getting roughly 70%.

52% for me after 401K and health insurance. Bummer.