How possible was the road trip in Easy Rider?

For longer road trips I often took a one-gallon cas can just in case, until I had done my usual trips a few times and knew where the fill-ups were.

And easing back from say, 75mph to 60 would piss off the people behind me, but was a good way to ensure I made it to the next pump when this were “iff-y”.

We can blame Ewan MacGregor for these antics. I’m a fan of stopping every three hours or so for gas, snacks and water, and maybe a bit of yoga. Now people carry plastic bladders full of gas, backpacks full of water, and try to ride sun-up to sundown. I sold one of my Hondas (trying to do the one-bike thing) over the weekend and the buyer’s planning a 3500-mile road-trip on an adventure bike.