How Should My Son Join the FBI: Military vs. University

Oh yeah: try to get him interested in learning a language while in high school. Do an exchange program, if possible.

Then, if he goes to college, he should have a good base in one language. Then it’s time to trade up. Chinese, Arabic, Russian – anything hard. Then do a study away. That’ll prepare him for a lot of great careers, including the FBI.

Of course, he should be the one following up on this good advice, rather than have it being required of him… :wink:

Consider the Air Force Office of Special Investigation. They have enlisted positions - though he’ll have to apply from another position in the service, such as the Security Forces (i.e. start off as an airbase cop first). He could also pursue an officer position - based on talking to guys I’ve met in this career field, a good way to do this is ROTC at a university, and then get selected for the OSI Operations Air Force summer program between junior and senior cadet year; Apparently, that’s the “in.” I don’t know if he could get an ROTC scholarship in law enforcement or language right off the bat, but either the enlisted or ROTC routes offer ways to offset or cover college costs. I suggest he call your nearest air force base’s OSI office and talk to some agents to see if this is a route he wants to pursue.