How to properly prepare a steak.

If you leave the fat on, you should cut into it about every 1.5 inches or so. Just slice in on the edge, perpendicular until you get to the meat. Otherwise when the whole strip of fat cooks, it will shrink and pull together, and make your steak curl up and not look as good.


Someone gave my sister a venison cutlet once. She soaked it in buttermilk overnight. Turned out nice.

I can’t say I’ve ever followed the directions here:, but it sounds like the animated octopus knows his stuff. And it’s fun to watch.

On a BBQ, remember this:

"2 for 8 makes it great"

That means, to cook the steak over a slightly higher than medium heat for 2 minutes per side totalling 8 minutes. So, 2 minutes on side A, 2 on side B, 2 on side A again, and 2 more on side B to finish.

If you’re going to grill it, get a shallow baking dish just big enoughfor the steak(s). Salt and pepper one side. Put steak in dish salted side down. Pour beer onto the steak deep enough to just cover it. Salt and pepper the top. Cover with plastic wrap. Let it sit for an hour at room temp.
Fork onto the grill right from the beer.
And you don’t need any special beer. Bud, Watney’s, Foster’s whatever.

Assuming that by BBQ, you mean grilling then that’s absolutely incorrect. You must only flip it once. If you need to flip it more than once, you’ve messed up. The more you flip, the more juice leaks out and the more flavor you lose.

Now, if by BBQ you mean wood-smoking, then I have no idea.

Sorry, I do believe the “2 for 8” formula is intended to be used after searing. I didn’t mention that in my OP.