How to protect and clean your computer from malware

I’ve done a lot of work in corporate environments and with the DoD. THEY NEVER, EVER, EVER clean a system. They format and reload it.
So, first lesson: BACKUP.
Second lesson: BACKUP.
Then, reload the operating system, formatting the system first OR have a drive image made, which would overwrite the entire hard drive. Then, you can restore your BACKUP.
And if you backup from C: to C:, you’ll not make that mistake again, after losing everything.
Back it up to another hard drive, preferably a bit larger than your primary drive and leave it unattached until it is needed for restore.
The problem is, quite a few malware programs download updates AND other malware programs.
So, you just don’t trust it again. Besides, some of that malware makes the box forever unstable, in spite of registry cleaners. And I’m the maniac that manually exterminates malware for fun, after figuring out what it does (or tries to do).

Those are excellent instructions xash. :wink:

Here is a removal guide that may prove to be useful to anyone wanting to remove malware from their computer:

Come on, after 35 years in the computer hardware and software business these answers are the silliest use of this board. Just goggling can give these answers. Why would anyone think that this board can supply this answer :smack:? My advise would be to find someone who can give a good honest reference to a person or shop that will give you an honest price for honest service and advise :). Pride, the most used emotion today opposite from humility.
No real answer to this question because the user is imperfect like all people. Take this into mind a true knowledgeable person has forgotten more then you will ever know about the subject. That leaves margin for error even with the most skilled engineer, technician, journeyman or person … .

The goggles! They do nothing!

If you have online banking, your banks should provide you with free anti virus

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He hasn’t posted in two months, I doubt he is coming back.

Thank you for sharing, I’m new to this Computer and I really need to read some useful materials. Something is messing up my computer, the porn website automatically pop-up. Although I’m using firefox but still it will pop-up in IE7. Sigh!

I find it that Malaware Remover, Spybot remover and CCleaner have work best for me for keeping my pc clean of bad things

to remove malware best thing to do is format after you save all your stuff. If you don’t know how to do that it’s complicated so unless you’re lookin for a project don’t attempt it cuz it can go wrong real easy.

To strictly attempt to clean a already infected virus i suggest in this order

depending on how bad it is I’d suggest a system restore to reasonable period of time you were virus free

then run malwarebytes antimalware is about all you really need I mean it’s the best you can get If that won’t get something off I don’t know what will but after that use ccleaner to clean junk files and that’s about as good as you can get to actually remove malware

as far as protection make sure you got a good firewall , antivirus and for malwarebytes antimalware the paid for version which has active monitoring

i do face many problems with my PC. i had formatted it many times due to virus. i am using free version of anti virus and i uses internet too, that are the reasons behind the problem. how can i protect my PC.

So I have a quick question for the geeks who are obviously much more knowledgeable than I am. I’m not an idiot with computers, but I’d rather have a real person’s advice, rather than using one of the dubious links Google gave me that don’t have much to do with my question.

I’ve got a Dell Inspiron 15 with Vista - yes, I know, stock as hell, long story - and although I’ve had flawless performance the two and a half years I’ve owned it, it’s been acting funny lately. Mostly when I’m online and I’m browsing, I’ll get (NOT RESPONDING) all of a sudden, and then nothing works, no CTRL+ALT+DEL, no Task Manager, nothing. I have to hard power cycle, reboot, it runs chkdsk, everything is copacetic, and I go on as usual…until it happens again, 5 minutes or 5 hours down the line.

I run MSE, Avira, and Malwarebytes. Not one has turned up a single issue. Yes, they’re all updated.

I use frequently use CCleaner to uninstall shiat I’m not using, and clear my startup list. Everything is updated to within an inch of it’s life.

So I bought a WD My Passport 500GB drive, the better to clean my lappie with. I installed the software and ran a backup, thinking that if I used it as a separate storage device and cleared as much as I could from the laptop, things might run a bit smoother. However, I’m not really happy with not being able to browse the files on the WD. I’d rather be able to access and use it just like a flash drive. Is wiping the external drive and using it like a huge memory card a possibility?

**How To Remove Antivirus Live and Other Rogue/Fake Antivirus Malware:
I have searched site after site to find a list like this…and have always found only one answer at a time…which has caused me to have the “virus” appear again after about a week for the past year!!OMG…THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE LIST OF HOW TOs! Virus found, and deleted and am trying the list of “fix its” hopefully I wont see the same malware again…i will know in the next week…and again thank you for posting them all in one place!!

Avast Free AV seems to be working rather well. I used to use Microsoft Security Essentials, but it had an average detection rate.

You can protect your computer from malware by using antivirus. You can use avast version 6 for this job but if you start using avast please do not use another antivirus.

Stop using Microsoft operating systems and replace Windows with one of the Linux distributions. Ubuntu 11.04 is a good one and 12.04 coming out in 2-3 weeks is supposed to be better. You’ll never need another piece of anti-virus or anti-spyware software ever again, not even a firewall is needed although there’s one available.
Who do you think creates most of the viruses ? Ask yourself, “who gains?” and follow the money.
Linux OSs are designed in a different way to M$oft so it’s difficult for viruses/spyware to get into them.
The best thing is that Ubuntu is totally FREE just Google “download Ubuntu” burn your boot disc and you’re free of Micro$oft.

All the Mainframe computers use Linux based operating systems, yes even Microsoft, the Department of Defence and many more. You don’t think that they’d trust their data with such a bug filled OS as Windows do you ?

I dumped IE and now use Firefox. So how does that #$*!%% Zedo cookie get into my system?

Firefox uses cookies.

Is Microsoft Security Essentials good enough to protect my computer from malware or do I need to install a anti malware like malwarebytes??

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