How unsanitary ARE library books?

Apparently hand sanitizer is considered “uselessagainstnorovirus.

Actually, that’s very sound advice. I used to work for my University’s library as an undergrad. Part of my job, when working the Sunday evening shift, was to canvass the entire library and collect all of the books that were lying around (as opposed to being reshelved by the persons using them) and bringing them back to our sorting room. There were always stacks of books containing images of nude paintings on the floor in the top floor men’s room. That being said, if you’re worried about sanitation the fact that they were on the bathroom floor should probably be the least of your concerns.

Hi! I’m Broomstick and I’m a regular library user who has had norovirus!

Really - was in the hospital a full week in 2005 with the damn virus, although without library books at the time. I most likely did NOT catch it from books, more likely at that restaurant where a several other people got sick and one of the staff turned out to be a carrier.

Funny, though - I still eat at restaurants, and I still check out library books. I’m also careful to wash my hands prior to eating, which probably does more to check contamination from what I’ve been handling than anything else. Yeah, there are germs out there, always have been, always will be. I’m not ready to retreat to a bubble. Life is too short to exist in fear of everything.

Bedbugs in library books

If you’re worried about library books, then don’t ever touch a door handle of any public or commercial facility, or the handle of a shopping cart, or a stair bannister, or your mail.

Oh, I dunno, how many times has somebody taken a shit in the urinal at your grocery store?

I also doubt that dry paper books are fertile ground for bacteria. I’d be more wary of raw fruits and vegetables-ever wonder what that lettuce you ate was watered with? Cooked food is MUCH safer.

Did she do the same after handling money?

Not norovirus, but I did once catch a bad case of the Vashta Nerada from a library book…

I got some of those board books for my husband’s granddaughter (age 8 months). She tasted them all thoroughly, but seems to be okay so far.

When I worked in a university library your hands would get very dirty from handling books. They all had plastic covers to keep them clean, but the covers themselves were nasty.

Also, at one point there was a fight and some books got sprayed with blood. They went back on the shelves, I believe.