How would you handle a situation about a former employer and a non-disparagement clause?

“The best thing about working there is that they’ll pay you not to say bad stuff about them.”

Who did 5Year work for?

Can’t you state, “I would not choose to work there again,” and leave it at that? Is that considered disparagement?

I disparaged a company. Just not an identifiable one. I’m fairly certain that the company and I would have to be identifiable in order for this to be actionable!

For what it’s worth, I’m talking to her today, and will proceed with some version of, “Due to the details of my contract, I’m not able to discuss my experiences there openly with you,” and hopefully that gets the message across and fulfills my contractual duties.

If that’s the language, perhaps a phonecall or letter gets around it.

A letter? Oh heck no! Perhaps a phone call, but absolutely nothing in writing.

I would go with some form of " I can not legally say anything bad about that company, but I am allowed to say good things". Then I would be very quiet.

If she is being very dense that day & asks for the good input, I would say “I do not recall any”.